Our Roadmap - What's Coming Next

Coming soon
AI Gem Hunter 1.0

Constantly trained AI, based on data from our entire community and the market as a whole. AI helps you find crypto gems. It analyzes new tokens in seconds.

End of March
Crypto News 1.0

Crypto news for gem hunters from top sources in one place.
+ Selecting sources
+ UI/UX – Special pages
+ Saving to favorites
+ Full AI integration
- Add new sources

End of April
Crypto Twitter threads 1.0

+ Search and track top accounts
- UI/UX – Special pages
- Saving to favorites

End of April
Crypto Projects 1.0

+ Tracking 250+ sources
+ Search Alpha projects
+ Data Enrichment
– Separate pages for projects
– Saving to favorites

End of April
Crypto Influencers 1.0

Publications from top crypto bloggers and influencers in one place.
+ Selecting bloggers and influencers
+ Full AI integration
+ UI/UX – Special pages
+ Saving to favorites
- Add new crypto influencers

End of April
Research 1.0

+ Selecting sources with project researches
– Main page with handy research output
– Notifications
– Authenticated users can publish

Coming soon
100x Crypto Coin Club

Private club – find out before anyone else about new potential crypto gems and the upcoming pumps of popular projects. Advanced information, access to restricted areas, and more.

Coming soon
Crypto Projects Analyzer 1.0

Rating for each startup
Get a complete analysis for each project.
Unique technology for checking and evaluating each crypto startup by 70+ parameters: site quality, social networks, team/investors/holders, tokenomics, smart contract safety, creator of the smart contract, etc.

Coming soon
Extension 1.0

Free Chrome extension to quickly check the project.
The extension will warn you about the scam patterns of the project you are researching, as well as assess their social networks, website, etc. Available to everyone, for free, always!

Coming soon
Panel 1.0

Dashboard to analyze any token in a matter of minutes.
Project’s website, product, team, social networks, tokenomics and smart contract code are all evaluated and scored. You can choose to buy the right amount of project’s tokens based on its rating.

Coming soon
Portfolio Tracker 1.0

Keep track of your portfolio on all blockchains. We take the current prices on the exchanges in real-time. Our bot sends signals when the price goes up and you can decide to sell at the most appropriate time.

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Recently Updated / Released

Q1 2023

  • GemHunter.PRO 2.0
  • Content Tracking for Gem Hunters
  • Ability to write content from users
  • Favorites 1.0
  • Commenting system
  • User Account 1.0
  • AI processing of received information


Q3-Q4 2022

  • Developed advanced project database
  • Started collecting all crypto projects
  • Started tracking scammers


Q1-Q2 2022

  • Started beta version development
  • Integrated addition of new tokens scam-check
  • Built GemHunter.Pro website


Q3-Q4 2021

  • The idea of creating a tool for quick analysis of new tokens on PancakeSwap & PinkSale
  • Alpha version of the platform
  • Developed a scoring system
  • Our team using/improving the alpha version
  • Testing the alpha version with our private community – friends, crypto funds

Coming Soon

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