Unlock the Metaverse with Your Passport

Bloktopia has announced the launch of M3TAPASS, the latest addition to its product suite that combines the concepts of the “Metaverse” and “Web 3.0.” M3TAPASS acts as a passport to access the immersive world of Bloktopia and M3TASPACES. It is specifically targeted towards tech enthusiasts, gamers, crypto investors, and blockchain enthusiasts. This digital identification ensures a unique and secure identity within the metaverse.

M3TAPASS will be released in phases, with version 1 focusing on establishing the user’s identity within the Bloktopia metaverse. Version 2 will integrate wallet and storage features, building upon the Bloktopia wallet launched in March 2023. The core features of M3TAPASS include personalized avatar customizations, user-friendly interface, seamless access through QR code scanning, and a secure wallet for managing digital assets.

As part of the M3TA series, M3TAPASS will seamlessly integrate with existing products, allowing users to join events, access M3TASPACES, and utilize future M3TA products. Version 1 of M3TAPASS is available for download on Apple and Android app stores. Version 2 will be released shortly, with updates shared on Bloktopia’s official social media channels.

Bloktopia is a VR skyscraper that acts as a central hub for crypto information and immersive content. Users can access educational resources, earn revenue through real estate ownership and advertising, play games, build networks, and more. Readers are advised to do their own research before taking any actions related to the company mentioned in this press release. Cointelegraph is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of the mentioned content or services.

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