Topia Unveils Inaugural Layer-2 Shared DA Layer Protocol at Montenegro EDCON Super Demo

Blockchain scalability has long been an issue facing Ethereum and its layer 2 (L2). Data availability (DA) can address the challenge, which is why Topia recently launched the first L2 shared DA layer protocol at the Montenegro Ethereum Development Conference. Topia is creating a shared DA layer for all future Ethereum L2s, rather than creating a DA for their own blockchain. Topia’s plan is to provide a shared DA layer specifically optimised for Ethereum L2 and also to enable data communication between L2s, realising ‘L2 data interconnection.’ The layer network will also provide a native solution for cross-chain communication. Applications built on Topia storage and L2s will share the same Topia storage, regardless of their diversity and quantity, with applications ranging from non-fungible tokens to personal data markets. Topia is the vital canal connecting all L2 data rivers and an important step towards achieving the ideal of “L2 interconnection.”

Topia is creating a dedicated L2 for this DA layer network, allowing for specific optimisations to take place such as supporting concurrent transactions and allowing contracts to directly access Topia storage. All applications built on Topia storage and L2s will share the same Topia storage. Topia released a proof-of-concept for cross-chain communication implemented through the shared DA layer, becoming the first L2 shared DA layer protocol. With Ethereum’s layer 2 becoming more abundant, the issue of DA in L2 is becoming much more urgent. Topia will seamlessly integrate with Ethereum’s L2 and developer ecosystem; a significant advantage over other DA projects like Celestia and Polygon Avail, which create DAs for their own blockchains.

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