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Seedify, a launchpad focused on Web3 gaming, NFTs, Metaverse, and AI, is set to launch its latest incubation project, Orbofi AI. The multi-app generative AI platform aims to revolutionize the Web3 space with its cutting-edge technology. Orbofi AI serves as the “Amazon of AI content models” for Web3, games, apps, and online communities. The platform enables users to generate AI assets for games and media, create and monetize fine-tuned AI models, and create virtual goods factories that act as powerful infrastructure for producing consistent and style-specific assets. These factories can be utilized for various types of assets, such as characters, props, architecture, marketing assets, 3D models, and sounds, which can then be monetized.

The Orbofi AI token (OBI) is an ERC-20 utility and governance token that acts as a currency to power the production and distribution of AI-generated content on Web3 applications, games, and media apps. It powers AI models (virtual goods factories) that revolutionize global virtual good production and produce entire standalone gaming and media ecosystems. OBI also acts as the main currency to fuel the economy of user-generated AI models and factories, allowing individuals and developers to monetize their AI assets.

Orbofi AI recently launched its mainnet on BNBChain, a significant step towards democratizing on-chain AI-generated content for the masses. The platform has gained traction within Web3 and is collaborating with prominent figures and brands to empower them and their audiences, such as Hollywood actor Danny Trejo and social media app Triller. Orbofi AI has also built an official metaverse space for the Qatar World Cup 2022, showcasing the potential of its AI content infrastructure. OBI’s IDO is scheduled on May 25, and the listing price on PancakeSwap on May 29 is $0.008.

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