Symbiosis Introduces SIS Token to zkSync

Symbiosis, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX), is deploying its governance token, $SIS, on zkSync, a layer-two scaling solution that increases privacy and throughput for Ethereum and other blockchains. $SIS was previously only available on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum and was used for staking to run a node in the network of relayers, as well as for token rewards for stable farms, LP farms on DEX, and DAO voting. The project believes that zero-knowledge proofs are essential for blockchain privacy and scalability, making zkSync integration a significant step forward. Symbiosis aims to attract a wider community to its native token by having $SIS on zkSync.

Symbiosis aggregates liquidity from different blockchains, making it easy for users to trade any token and transfer their assets across chains. One-click any-to-any cross-chain operations result in competitive exchange rates and minimal transaction costs, making it perfect for DeFi enthusiasts. The project is committed to offering exciting updates and expanding its features to create a more seamless and decentralized swapping experience.

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