Shiba Memu, a New AI Memecoin, Garners $798K within Nine Days

Shiba Memu, a new dog-themed memecoin, has experienced strong demand for its presale, raising nearly $800,000 in just nine days. This represents $798,000 worth of SHMU tokens purchased ahead of the memecoin’s official exchange launch. The project aims to utilize AI and advanced memetics to create a token that can market itself. The presale will last for eight weeks, with the token’s price increasing daily until its official launch on multiple exchanges. SHMU tokens are currently available for purchase on the official website.

Shiba Memu’s goal is to use AI to generate its own marketing, functioning as a crypto marketing powerhouse. The coin was launched at $0.011125 on day one of the presale, and its value will increase by $0.000225 each day until launch. So far, there has been a 16.18% increase in the cost of SHMU tokens from day one to day nine, with a scheduled 41% increase by day 21. By the end of the presale on day 60, the SHMU token will cost 119.3% more than the initial launch price.

Shiba Memu is focused on leveraging AI technology to disrupt the traditional market. Its AI will learn from successful marketing strategies, write its own PR, and promote itself across relevant forums and social networks. The platform will generate content based on AI analysis and continuously monitor and analyze the success of its marketing efforts, adjusting them accordingly. This automation eliminates delays and time-consuming tasks, making Shiba Memu low maintenance.

The project has received approval from CertiK, a top-tier blockchain auditor, reinforcing its legitimacy. SHMU token holders will also be able to stake their coins to earn additional SHMU tokens. Shiba Memu aims to be a long-term hold for meme fans and crypto enthusiasts, providing a unique self-marketing meme with AI technology.

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