Over’s Metaverse Fashion Week features leading brands including Gucci, Pinko, and Balmain

Over, the augmented reality (AR) metaverse platform, will stage the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MVFW23), featuring a range of digital couture and traditional fashion houses, including Gucci, Pinko, Balmain, and Vogue Singapore. Co-hosted by Decentraland and Spatial, the event will explore the intersection of tradition and innovation, with a hybrid event facilitated by the Municipality of Milan. The event will have a greater impact than last year’s version, which attracted 108,000 guests and 165,000 wearables. Over will also organise the world’s first cross-metaverse creator contest, which will give fashion designers the chance to create interoperable digital wearables. Highlighting the hybrid nature of Over’s events, Won Soh, co-founder of Space Runners said, “Over the Reality provides the right mixed reality experience to show just that.” Diego Di Tommaso, the COO and co-founder of Over, said, “We believe this is a game-changer for fashion and look forward to showcasing it to the industry in Milan.” The fashion industry recognises the potential of blockchain technology, the metaverse and Web3.

“Over releases Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 schedule featuring Gucci Vault x Per Liger, Pinko, Balmain x Space Runners, Ilona Song x Vogue Singapore, Ecoolska, XR Couture, and other prominent digital couture brands and traditional fashion houses. Milan, Italy — March 31, 2023 — Over, the pioneering augmented reality (AR) metaverse platform, has announced…” – Press Release by Over

“Over’s hybrid event, facilitated by the Municipality of Milan, is thus a key attraction at MVFW23.” – Press Release by Over

“The organizers are also dedicated to providing better brand support this year besides implementing other lessons from MVFW22.” – Press Release by Over

“Won Soh, co-founder of Space Runners, said, “We’re thrilled to showcase our Balmain x Space Runners collection at Metaverse Fashion Week in Milan, where we can stretch the identity of the digital Unicorn shoes in physical environments. Over the Reality provides the right mixed reality experience to show just that.”” – Press Release by Over

“The vision behind this competition is to nurture creativity in fashion design in the context of tech-driven principles like interoperability. The contest aligns with Decentraland’s initiative to support next-gen digital creators — i.e., MVFW Neo — aiming to provide a platform for budding designers in the physical-digital fashion industry.” – Press Release by Over

“According to Over chief operating officer and co-founder Diego Di Tommaso, “The community is at the heart of the metaverse experience offered at Over. So, giving a new breed of digital creators the chance to showcase their work alongside leading fashion brands is a dream come true. We believe this is a game-changer for fashion and look forward to showcasing it to the industry in Milan.”” – Press Release by Over

“Similarly, noting the overall significance of their events at MVFW, Davide Cuttini, CEO and co-founder of Over, said, “Fashion was among the first industries to recognize the incredible potential of the metaverse and Web3.” – Press Release by Over

“Over is a pioneering AR metaverse platform merging the physical and virtual worlds into a new dimension accessible to everyone.” – Press Release by Over

– Over: https://overthereality.ai/
– Decentraland: https://decentraland.org/
– Spatial: https://www.spatial.io/
– Metaverse Fashion Week 2023: https://events.decentraland.org/event/?id=0e430773-6315-40b6-9bcf-df0a9642d793
– Providing better brand support: https://www.voguebusiness.com/technology/metaverse-fashion-week-to-return-next-year
– Hybrid fashion show: https://www.overthereality.ai/over-design-fashion-week-31/
– OVR token: N/A (not included in the text)

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