OKX Will List Which Meme Coins? Users Have the Power to Decide!

OKX has launched a meme token voting event, allowing users to choose which meme coins will be listed on the exchange. Users have until April 24 to deposit their preferred meme coins, with five options to choose from: ArbDoge AI, BONE ShibaSwap, Bonk, Optimus AI, and Pepe. The vote results will be announced on the same day. Pepe, a new Ethereum-based token named after the memetic icon Pepe the Frog, has gained a market cap of $86 million in less than five days, making it the sixth-most valuable meme coin. All meme coins in the vote are currently worth under a dollar, with Optimus AI currently sitting at $0.39.

Meme coins are often created as a joke or a parody, but some have gained popularity and a following due to their low price and accessibility. They often attract a community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in the meme. While meme coins often have little to no utility and function purely as speculative assets, this is not always the case. Meme coins can be highly volatile and are often used as a symbol of the worst aspects of the crypto market. Dogecoin, founded in 2013, is the most popular meme coin and has gained attention in 2021 after Elon Musk tweeted about it.

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