New Launchpad Platform to be Announced by EXBI.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform EXBI has launched a new launchpad platform that aims to provide users with access to early-stage Web3 projects. The platform is taking a strategic shift to offer users an accessible and transparent investment arena that operates on the centralized model, similar to platforms like CoinList. The launchpad will provide a simple entry point for investing in promising Web3 projects and features educational materials, a low financial barrier to entry, responsive support, and easy-to-understand projects. EXBI has started accepting applications from teams interested in launching their projects on the launchpad, with the first token sale scheduled to be announced in June 2023. EXBI will also provide legal, financial, and marketing support to launchpad projects.

Users will still be able to enjoy spot trading and staking on the exchange, with the added benefit of potentially gaining allocations in launchpad projects for the most active traders. The platform’s launch is set to attract a new generation of investors to cryptocurrency, with a focus on transparency, accessibility, and quality projects. To celebrate the launch, the EXBI team has organized a promotional campaign on the Gleam platform, where users can undertake straightforward quests, earning them XP as rewards. The most active participants will be granted “Early Bird” status, potentially benefiting from access to allocations, exclusive NFTs, project tokens on the EXBI Launchpad, and other rewards in the future.

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