MojitoSwap is hosting an IDO for KuCoin Labs-backed PlayZap

MojitoSwap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), is hosting an initial DEX offering (IDO) for PlayZap on April 13. This IDO is expected to attract a large number of investors and aims to raise $300,000 for the gaming platform token, PZP. Both limited and unlimited sales will sell 1,250,000 PZP. The MojitoSwap platform offers a wide range of trading pairs and has a proven track record of successful IDOs for projects such as Pikaster and CoolMining. The IDO will provide investors with an opportunity to participate in the growth of PlayZap and the broader blockchain gaming ecosystem, as demand for blockchain-based gaming is expected to increase. After the IDO, MojitoSwap will provide a liquidity mining pool for PZP, enabling PZP token holders to earn a high annual percentage rate with PZP LP tokens. PlayZap is a skill-based competitive gaming platform focused on mainstream casual gamers built on blockchain technology and backed by over 25 VCs and angel investors. It offers a unified gaming platform and competitive formats such as daily leagues and PvP.

“MojitoSwap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on KuCoin Community Chain, has announced that it will hold an initial DEX offering (IDO) for PlayZap on April 13…. The IDO for PlayZap is expected to be highly popular among investors, given the platform’s strong track record and the rising demand for blockchain-based gaming platforms.” – Cointelegraph

“The IDO will be conducted through the MojitoSwap platform, and investors will be able to purchase PlayZap tokens using the MJT/USDT LP token, the native token of MojitoSwap.” – Cointelegraph

“In conclusion, the upcoming IDO for PlayZap on the MojitoSwap platform is expected to be a major event for both the gaming and blockchain communities.” – Cointelegraph

“PlayZap is a skill-based competitive gaming platform focused on mainstream casual gamers, built on blockchain technology with a sustainable token economy and powered by NFTs.” – Cointelegraph

“MojitoSwap is a DEX running on KCC with an automated market maker mechanism. It provides all-in-one solutions for on-chain assets with swapping, farming, pools, a launchpad, NFTs and other functions.” – Cointelegraph

– MojitoSwap:
– KuCoin Community Chain (KCC):
– PlayZap: No direct link provided in the article
– Pikaster: No direct link provided in the article
– CoolMining:
– MJT/USDT LP token: No direct link provided in the article

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