Metacade raises more than 14.7 million dollars with presale ending in 72 hours

Metacade, a community-driven arcade in the Web3 space, has raised more than $14.7m in its pre-sale, with over 90% sold. CEO Russell Bennett expects the project to sell out ahead of the scheduled closing time on 31 March. Metacade tokens can be purchased until they sell out or 31 March. Following the pre-sale, MCADE token will launch on Uniswap on 6 April and BitMart the week ending 16 April. Metacade will offer play-to-earn blockchain games that incentivise players with MCADE. Its Metagrants programme operates via a voting system, allowing members to propose and vote on projects deemed worthy of funding. The developer receives a grant from the Metacade treasury and the most popular ideas are awarded crypto investments, with the first game debuting on the platform in Q1 2024. Metacade is one of the first GameFi ventures in 2023 to offer various income-generating opportunities within the metaverse. The project has earned approval from blockchain auditor CertiK, adding to investor confidence.

“We are rocketing toward the finish line and think we may even get there ahead of time. The support from the community has been fantastic, and we’re delighted with our success so far. Although the work has only just begun for us, now is the time to prove what we can really do by overdelivering on our roadmap and other fronts!” – Russell Bennett, CEO of Metacade.

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