Istanbul Blockchain Week is scheduled to make a comeback in August and will be the biggest Web3 event of 2023 in Turkey

Istanbul Blockchain Week, one of the largest Web3 events in Eurasia, returns in August, with its main event, IstanBlock, taking place on August 22-23. Organised by Web3 Public Relations and Creative Communications agency EAK Digital, last year’s event, the most high-profile event ever seen in the Turkish market, brought together key figures in the Turkish government, banking and finance sectors. This year, the event will host a range of innovative discussions on the most important topics in Web3, including regulation, banking, DeFi, DAOs, AI, the metaverse, trading and NFTs. The event will also feature a variety of other events, including W3E, the largest Web3 gaming expo in the region; IstanDAO, a global gathering of DAO initiators and contributors; and IstanHack, the official hackathon of Istanbul Blockchain Week.

Erhan Korhaliller, founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week, said that attendees can expect to see the event continue to scale and grow alongside the rapidly evolving Turkish blockchain industry. Tickets can be purchased via the website at an early bird 40% discount for a limited time, and sponsors can register their interest in the event.

“We are delighted to bring back Istanbul Blockchain Week this August. Last year, IBW set a high benchmark for us, but with the Turkish blockchain industry rapidly evolving, attendees can expect to see the event continue to scale and grow alongside. We will continue to innovate and bring the best international speakers into Turkey and shine a spotlight on the Turkish ecosystem to a global audience. There is no better way to enter the Turkish Web3 ecosystem than attending Istanbul Blockchain Week.” – Erhan Korhaliller, founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week.

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