General Meta Network: Ready to Shake Up the Play-to-Earn Industry

General Meta Network (GMN) is launching a gaming platform that connects the global gaming community in the web3 space. The project includes GMN’s 360° platform providing play-to-earn games across multiple genres, and indie game developers will have access to GMN’s gaming hub. The company is committed to building an ecosystem prioritising innovation, collaboration and inclusivity. It aims to become one of the biggest and most competitive gaming platforms in the market.

GMN’s upcoming Crypto Token launch will have an exclusive whitelisting event throughout May 2023, followed by a 30-day presale round. The company will develop one communal platform for many games from different studios while ensuring the highest levels of transparency and security.

The company will release its first MVP products in May 2023, ‘Undead Riot’ a survival game to end a zombie infestation and ‘Mini Race Game’ a fun racing game, both available on iOS and Android devices.

GMN opened whitelisting signups on 10 May for its upcoming ‘Hybrid Fair Launch’ until 30 May. Users who sign up during the first three days receive exclusive GMNU token bonuses of up to 15%. Whitelisted users have priority access to limited edition NFT mints, unrestricted access to GMN play-to-earn games, free airdrops, VIP invitations to GMN events, and first looks at new products and features.

The company plans to provide gamers and developers the tools and opportunities they need to thrive, enabling them to get rewards for playing games and developing the platform.

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