Collaboration Between Warner Music Singapore and Affyn

Warner Music Singapore has entered a partnership with Singapore-based Web3 company Affyn to explore the potential of Web3 gaming for musicians. Warner will produce a bespoke song for Affyn’s new game, which will feature a main character played by musician J.M3 via an Avatar in the game’s trailer. Affyn aims to create an immersive audio-visual experience for fans, and the new game will be launched later this year. The deal with Warner Music Singapore is part of Affyn’s Evolution keynote event on 10 May. Warner Music Singapore hopes to broaden its reach through collaboration with Affyn, according to Gerald Ang, the managing director. Affyn is a blockchain-powered company whose focus is on building a multiplayer Metaverse that links to other games.

Warner Music Group is a worldwide music entity, established over 200 years ago. Its catalogue spans over 1 million copyrights, from the standard Great American Songbook to contemporary tunes. In addition, Warner Chappell Music, the publishing arm of Warner Music Group, has a music license that extends to more than 70 countries. Warner Music Group has DRM-free music services such as EMP and Songkick, a live music app. ADA, the independent artist and label services company, is also a Warner Music Group chain. Nathan Hartono, OHMYMEITING, and J.M3 are among the local artists represented by Warner Music Singapore. Affyn is a Singapore-based blockchain game company that is building an ecosystem of interconnected games and metaverses.

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