Chancer Presale Surpasses $750k Milestone in Less Than 4 Weeks

Chancer, a blockchain-based predictive markets app, has raised $750,000 during its presale. The platform offers decentralized betting, allowing users to create their own odds and ‘become the house’. The app is gaining popularity in the blockchain community, driven by its unique premise and the presence of its founders, Adam and Paul Kelbie. Chancer is the world’s first fully democratized blockchain betting platform, giving power to the bettors and allowing them to wager on a wide range of events. Powered by Google’s WebRTC, users can stream events in real-time and communicate with others. All bets are made and paid out in CHANCER tokens, giving the coin real utility. The platform is set to disrupt the $63 billion betting industry and is projected to reach $150 billion by 2030. Chancer has an extensive roadmap and is currently in its presale stage, with a fundraising objective of $15 million. The platform also offers perks for CHANCER token holders, including the potential for earning passive income and discounted fees on bets. Chancer is still in its presale phase and is expected to launch on several exchanges in the future.

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