BitKeep and Bitget collaborate to facilitate the Sui Futures airdrop — Prepare for the Sui mainnet!

BitKeep and Bitget have launched a campaign to introduce the complete Sui blockchain ecosystem to crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Sui is a highly anticipated layer-1 blockchain that uses Facebook’s Diem project-originated Move programming language, making it the first fully permissionless layer-1 blockchain. It provides excellent security and speed, enabling simple transactions to be verified instantly, while more complex transactions take less than three seconds, opening up possibilities for various blockchain sectors like finance, digital commerce, and gaming. The BitKeep and Bitget Sui campaign aims to provide an opportunity to secure qualifications for exchanging official tokens in advance while offering free Sui testnet token claims. BitKeep has also partnered with several top decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols on Sui and included them on its integrated decentralized application explorer.

BitKeep and Bitget offer SUIBG airdrops for users who engage in trading activities on BitKeep Wallet. The SUIBG airdrop rewards range from 1 SUIBG for swapping tokens and trading NFTs worth $100 to as much as 1,000 SUIBG for transactions above $100,000. Users who receive SUIBG through red packets must complete a token swap or NFT transaction with the wallet address created on BitKeep to be eligible to exchange for official Sui tokens. BitKeep and Bitget’s Sui campaign promises to offer crypto enthusiasts a comprehensive experience of the Sui ecosystem, allowing them to trade and earn while experiencing the speed, security, and potential of the Sui blockchain.


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