You Won’t Believe What’s Happening: Worldwide Crackdown Against Defi Uncovered in Crypto Report

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international organization hosted and funded by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), is set to publish global standards for crypto regulations in July 2022. As a result, U.S regulators have been cracking down on crypto, and the rest of the world could follow suit. The FSB’s recent DeFi report shows concerns about the potential growth of decentralized finance and calls for the same risk regulation principle as traditional finance. The report also acknowledges the potential of DeFi to challenge traditional finance, and the FSB plans to work with regulators to set DeFi-specific regulations, focusing on connections between traditional finance and decentralized finance, including stable coins and centralized exchanges.

h2: U.S Regulators Cracking Down on Crypto
h2: FSB to Publish Global Standards for Crypto Regulations
h2: About the Financial Stability Board
h2: FSB’s Regulatory Recommendations Turn Into Law
h2: Steps for Addressing Perceived Risks to the Financial System
h2: FSB’s Interest in Cryptocurrency
h2: G7 Countries Pressure FSB to Publish Crypto Policy Recommendations
h2: FSB’s Crypto Regulation Framework
h2: Financial Stability Risks of Decentralized Finance
h2: Defy and its Potential to Grow in the Future
h2: Defy-specific Regulations to be Developed
h2: Introduction to Defy
h2: Understanding How D5 Protocols Work

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