Will Ripple XRP Survive? Experts Predict a Bullish Future! πŸ’°

The content discusses the possibility of XRP’s price increasing due to the end of its ongoing lawsuit. The author highlights the potential impact of the CFTC labeling XRP a commodity, similar to recent statements made about other cryptocurrencies. The author comments on the manipulation of the market by US banks and the exodus of cryptocurrency companies due to SEC regulations. The article argues that the SEC’s approach to crypto is corrupt and questions Gary Gansler’s upcoming hearing again to determine whether he is supportive of regulation. The article also highlights the support Ripple has received from major investors and predicts a potential altcoin season as XRP’s price increase.

Why XRP Is Set to Soar: The Impact of the Lawsuit and Market Manipulation


XRP has been the subject of much discussion in recent months, as the result of a lawsuit filed against it by the SEC. While some investors have grown pessimistic about the cryptocurrency’s prospects, others are extremely bullish on it. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this bullishness and why they might be justified.

The End of the Lawsuit?

March 31st marked the end of the lawsuit against XRP, according to many lawyers. This has led some investors to believe that today could be the day XRP sees justice and soars to new heights. However, it is impossible to know exactly when the lawsuit will end, as the announcement could come at any time.

The Background

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the lawsuit, there are several reasons why investors remain optimistic about XRP’s future. One of these is the recent complaint from the CFTC against Binance, in which the CFTC referred to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin as commodities. This has led some investors to believe that XRP could also be referred to as a commodity, which would be a positive development for its future growth.

Market Manipulation and Crypto Adoption

In addition to this, there has been widespread market manipulation by bigger companies, which has caused banks to crash. However, in the background, there has been a surge in crypto adoption from major companies. There has also been an anti-crypto election campaign by Elizabeth Warren, which has caused some concern in the industry.

The SEC’s Role

The SEC has been cracking down on cryptocurrency companies, which has had a negative impact on the industry. However, there is hope that the CFTC could intervene and save Ripple from the SEC’s lawsuit. If this happens, XRP could be referred to as a commodity by the CFTC, which would be a positive development.

The Ripple Verdict

Despite the uncertainty surrounding XRP’s future, there is a growing consensus that the Ripple verdict will bring a massive altcoin season with it. The XP community believes that it could become the industry standard in the near future. Moreover, investors in Korea have been trading XRP like crazy, which bodes well for its future prospects.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, while there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding XRP’s future, there are several reasons to be optimistic about it. The recent complaint from the CFTC against Binance has led some investors to believe that XRP could be referred to as a commodity, which would be a positive development. Additionally, despite the SEC’s crackdown on the industry, there is hope that the CFTC will intervene and save Ripple from its lawsuit. If this happens, XRP could soar to new heights, and investors could be in for a very profitable ride.

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