Why Was BitBoy Escorted Off SBF Property?

Someone has filed a complaint against individuals who were attempting to expose an 8 billion dollar scam. The police were called for assistance, but the individuals refused physical orientation and did not disclose the identity of who reported them. The complainants find it funny that there are people defending what they consider the largest fraud in human history and find it terrifying. They continue to pursue their mission.

Assistance from the Police

In a recent YouTube video, a group of individuals were seeking assistance from the police for their attempt to expose an 8 billion dollar scam. The situation quickly becomes tense as the person on the other end of the phone insists on physical removal of the group.

Refusal to Give Information

As the conversation continues, the police officer refuses to disclose who made the initial complaint against the group. Despite this setback, the group continues to explain their mission and their frustration with those defending the supposed fraud.

Exposing a Scam

The individuals in the video believe they have found evidence of a massive fraud and are attempting to expose it. However, they are met with resistance from those defending the fraud.

Terrifying Implications

The group expresses their fear at the fact that there are people who are willing to defend the largest fraud in human history. This situation raises questions about the consequences of exposing such scams and the lengths people will go to protect them.

In summary, the video is a tense exchange between a group attempting to expose a fraud, and a police officer who appears to be more concerned with physical removal than investigating their claims. It highlights the challenges faced by those who attempt to expose fraud and the fear of those who defend it.

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