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Chico Crypto focuses on the fundamentals of crypto and uses his knowledge of the 4-year cycle and alt seasons to predict prices. He highlights Energy Web as a project focused on transforming the energy sector with its peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading capabilities, which allows homes to sell excess energy produced by their own energy assets. Elia Group, the main supplier of energy for Belgium and a major part of North Germany, has developed a whitepaper titled “Towards a consumer-centric and sustainable electricity system”, which proposes a new market design that includes an Exchange of Energy Blocks hub, trading energy on a 15-minute basis between consumers and other market parties. This is being developed with Energy Web’s blockchain technology. Neon Link, a blockchain platform designed for web3 gaming, releases its layer-1 blockchain to elevate game developers and enhance the gameplay experience for gamers.

The Importance of Fundamental Analysis in Crypto

Everyone knows I’m not a TA technical analysis youtuber. I don’t try and chart, and predict where prices will go. I’m a fundamentalist, FA tuber…who uses his experience and knowledge of the 4 year cycle and alt season’s to guess where the prices will go. And today…I’m bringing the FA heat, diving deep into a project who focuses on the fundamentals through and through. Because it’s time…for Chico Crypto!!

The Significance of Fundamental Analysis in the Crypto Industry

When you think of fundamentals in relation to crypto, you probably think how deep they have penetrated the crypto industry and markets….that’s true if they are only a crypto…but many Other projects are more than that…they are attempting to take blockchain into other industries to evolve them into their next generations. This is where the money will be made.. So when I think of fundamentals I think of how far they have penetrated the industry they are attempting to change. And there is no other project in the crypto space that has taken a massive, global industry by storm…than Energy Web has in the energy sector. That’s why I talk about it so much…they will change energy markets worldwide…

Energy Web’s Revolutionary P2P Energy Trading Platform

The main change Energy Web is bringing is the ability to trade energy generated at a Home to a neighbor, another energy community, or business…aka P2P energy trading. Thus a home can become a revenue generating asset by selling excess energy produced by their energy assets, like from a batch of solar panels. And this is about to become a reality, on a multi-country-wide scale very soon…if We go to Energy Web’s validator visualization for the energy web chain, we can see one of the energy companies producing blocks is Elia Group… Elia Group is the main supplier of Energy for the country of Belgium, and they also serve a major part of North Germany through their subsidiary 50 hertz.

Elia Group’s Consumer-Centric Market Design

In June of 2021 Elia released a whitepaper titled “Towards a consumer centric and sustainable electricity system. And from the whitepaper we can see the CEO of Elia, Chris Peeters talks about the Consumer Centric market design and said this about it “In order to make the CCMD a reality, We are collaborating closely with actors across the value chain and stakeholders from across society as a whole. Throughout 2021, we will focus on addressing any remaining questions about it. After undergoing a phase of testing, the CCMD should be ready to be rolled out as early as 2023 or 2024.

Exchange of Energy Blocks on the Energy Web Chain

In the key takeaways of the paper we can see what is being built. Elia says “Two changes to the current market design are proposed under the CCMD. The first of these is the development of a so-called ‘Exchange of Energy Blocks’ hub, through which the exchange of energy would occur on a fifteen-minute basis between consumers and other market parties.” Blocks?? Like a blockchain, like the energy web chain?? Well of course it is…if we dive into the Energy Web Foundation github, they have a repository titled “Elia EneryBlocks VCS aka Verifiable Credentials” and if we dive into code frequency, this is being worked on heavily over the past 6 months. Is this the only Github repository Elia & Energy Web are collaborating on?? Of course not…as we can see in Energy Web SSI, Self Sovereign Identity…this is actually “EWF and Elia Group Self-Sovereign-Identity (SSI) Wallet Components” which focuses on Verifiable Credentials VCS and DIDs, digital identities.

Energy Track & Trace and Microsoft’s Involvement

Which leads us to the green paper for Energy Track & Trace, using SSI and the product summary Says “Project Energy Track and Trace (ETT) is an initiative, currently developed in collaboration between Energinet one of Denmarks biggest Energy companies, Elia Group we know and Elering one of Estonia’s largest energy companies. Energy Web is involved right?? Where under the section traceability of Energy it says “Green Tracking developed by Elia Group / Energy Web Foundation in 2021 (4) Facilitated 24/7 energy procurement toolkit.” Now how do I know Track & Trace, as well as Exchange of Energy blocks is about to roll out of testing?? Well ole Gator Green on twitter posted this about track and trace..a quote from Mathias Vergauwen, Technical Architect of Data and AI for Sustainability at Microsoft. Mathias said “With Energy Track & Trace, energy consumers will be able to match renewable energy 24/7 on a 15 minute basis ala Exchange of Energy Blocks, within the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. Well guess what was just announced by Energy Web? It’s toolkit is now available on Microsoft Azure!!

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