Which is worth more: 10,000 HBAR or 10,000 GALA?

Investing $10,000 in either Hbar or Gala is a good investment. If you invest $10,000 in Hbar at 8 cents and sell it for $2, you will have a quarter of a million dollars. On the other hand, if you invest in Gala, with an average sale price of $2, you would get around $413,000. The recommendation is to do a 50-50 split between both investments and invest in other altcoins such as Ethereum, XRP, and ADA to be safe and guarantee a successful build run with multiple players.

Investing: HBAR vs GALA

Cryptocurrency is the new age investment that has gained a lot of attention over the past few years. If you are someone who is interested in investing in crypto, you must have come across the names of HBAR and GALA. Both HBAR and GALA are altcoins that have gained a lot of popularity. In this article, we will discuss which one of these altcoins is the better investment for you if you have $10,000 to spare.

Investing $10,000 in HBAR

If you were to invest 10K in HBAR at its current price of 8 cents, and sell it at $2, you will have a quarter of a million dollars. Though this might seem too good to be true, this investment has the potential to give you 25x returns.

Investing $10,000 in GALA

On the other hand, GALA seems to be a more desirable investment option. If you had an average sale price of $2, you would be able to sell it as you go up, and get about $413K. This potential benefit makes GALA seem like the better investment option.

50/50 Investment: HBAR & GALA

Though GALA may seem like the better investment option of the two, there are benefits to a 50/50 investment in HBAR and GALA. It is always best to spread your investment across different options instead of going all in one either coin. This is because investing in only one coin can be very risky, and it is always better to have some insurance in case one of your investments doesn’t work out. By keeping Ethereum, XRP, ADA, or other altcoins, you can guarantee a successful build run with multiple other players.

In conclusion, investing in Both HBAR and GALA can lead to very high returns. A 50/50 investment can guarantee a successful build with multiple other players, providing some level of insurance to your investment. Always ensure to do enough research before investing in any crypto to make the most informed investment decision.

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