Where Are the Haters Tonight? XRP’s Triumph Over the SEC!

The content discusses the recent victory of Ripple Labs in a case against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The author celebrates the win and highlights the potential benefits for XRP, such as increased liquidity and attention. They also discuss the long-term potential of XRP in the next bull run. The author mentions the ongoing trial phase of the case and believes that XRP being considered a security would imply that nothing is a security in the crypto industry. The content also briefly mentions other news stories, including the arrest of Alex Mashinsky and Elon Musk’s involvement in rewarding creators.

Article: Ripple Labs Wins Lawsuit Against SEC: Celebrating Victory in the XRP Community

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A Historic Day as Ripple Labs Beats the SEC

My name is Ben. What a historic day today. As Ripple Labs has beaten down the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Ripple has won this case. We will talk about what that means here in just a moment, What we could still kind of need to watch for and things like that.

Celebrating with the XRP Community

But this is just a celebration day, guys. Everybody who has been in the XRP community, even people who aren’t in the XRP community are celebrating with XRP today. And that– Other than the maxis, of course, you know, because they still hate everything. But the point is, is everybody has been holding on, unwavered faith in XRP that it would pull through in this lawsuit.

I told every person that would listen for the last year The No. 1 coin is going to be XRP. There’s a little bit of a risk because this case is ongoing, but that’s where the returns will come. So right now we’re seeing that pump. You know, I think it’s about 50%, 60% right now. At the time of this recording, it’s been moving up at a very fast rate. So we could see it, you know, much higher maybe by the end of the day.

But remember, guys, now, Coinbase is relisting it as well, so this should get some more liquidity flowing. But We said from the beginning, we will get a pump right when the case is over and it’s declared not a security, but the true power is going to come in later when people are mega bullish on altcoins in general, the bull market is in full, you know, full brow, And people are wanting to get back into crypto and XRP now on Coinbase is a viable option for them.

They probably heard about XRP, heard about the XRP Army, heard about the Ripple case maybe, But now people are going to have the chance to actually put their money where their mouth is and be able to take those bets. On to all the things that we’ve been talking about. So we certainly expect a short-term move here. 2X, maybe even a 3X. But the long term over the next bull run, the mid-term over this next bull run, next two and a half years has now been ushered in by this lawsuit being over. This takes away all the power from the SEC.

Celebrating the Victory and Looking Towards the Future

The SEC today is grasping at straws for anything it can identify as a win. I will say this. For a lot of us that did not like XRP in the early days, or, you know, you’ve maybe gone through a little, you know, Up and down hot and heavy phase with XRP, you’ve been in it some, you’ve been out of it some, but the fact is, is that today is the day where everybody in the community is going to celebrate. We’re going to look at this win. It’s historic. First regulated crypto now we have. And it’s probably going to move on Coinbase.

But remember, guys, the power is in the next two years. Now, the liquidity is there. The attention is going to be there. The belief is there. Now, the regulation is there. You just can’t set up a better opportunity for this bull run than we’re seeing right now. So if you’re in the XRP community, X up. X up to y’all.

The Impact on the Crypto Industry

I’m trying to throw the X up, but I can’t do it. There. X up. Throw your X’s up, guys, if you’re in the XRP community and you want to celebrate today. It’s a day to gloat. It’s a day to go over Twitter. Go over to Twitter, all the haters, let them know XRP in the house. Let them know.

We’re going to have a lot more on this in the coming weeks, I’m sure. Just real quick, the case technically has a phase. It will go to the trial, and this has to do with investment contracts. It doesn’t have anything to do with, is XRP actually a security? It’s had to do with some– I believe some transactions, some sales by some of the team members and different stuff they’re going to look at. It’s all– none of that matters, guys. There may be some little judgment or some little win the SEC can claim down the road here In a couple of months maybe. But right now there’s nothing for them.

This is not about the SEC. It’s about Ripple. It’s about crypto. It’s about decentralization. It’s about standing up against bullies. That’s what Ripple had done, guys. Ripple The XRP Army seem to be the biggest incels in the history of the world, and yet they’re the ones who stood up to the United States government and won. So hats off to the XRP Army.

Reflections on Ripple and XRP

But, you know, in the early days, You know, a lot of people believed, and I was one of them too at the time, that, you know, if there was a case for a centralized crypto that would be a security, nothing lines up better than Ripple. Than XRP.

You know, you had pre-mine. You had ICO. You have centralized figures all in the center of this. With Brad Garlinghouse and, you know, the whole team there. And it’s like– this is what I’m trying to say, guys.

A lot of people believe that if XRP was not considered a security, that means nothing is a security in crypto. And I tend to believe that that’s true. I think the one thing to watch out for are these staking contracts. I really do believe that the SEC is going to win control over staking on third party platforms. You know, securities and exchanges, what happened on exchanges, Like we saw with Celsius and FTX.

I think there’s some value there. I think there’s some value in, you know, doing something to fix the problems that are rampant in those communities and situations, but I think overall that– as this day is going to go much more excitement, Coinbase relisting, Price is probably going to move again, just remember, guys, just remember, XRP isn’t a security. Nothing is.

The Ripple Victory and its Impact on the Crypto Industry

And what does that mean? Well, that means that the entire crypto industry just got freed out of jail today. Anyone who has any presence in the space needs to continue to fight against the SEC, fight against their overreach. FTC is overreaching with some different stuff. We’ve got big news from Elon Musk today. You know, as they are rewarding creators. I haven’t got my check yet. We’ll see what happens down the road. Later today, hopefully, I’ll get a check from Twitter. That’d be cool. I’ll take it. A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into those tweets I put out a few times a day. But the fact is, is that it’s a big day all the way around with interesting news stories.

Alex Mashinsky arrested, obviously, that’s a big story. You know, the day after they just filed $2 billion worth of claim against FTX and Alameda on behalf of Celsius. So this thing is moving fast. I mean, they’re talking about prison time for him. I don’t think Alex Mashinsky will get prison time. We’ll see what happens. I think he’ll probably get let off for the most part. He will have to pay a big fine. Be banned probably from working in the field again, I would think, potentially.

I just don’t know if he does prison time. The one thing that he is facing that is a good, you know, tailwind Is that, at every corner, he showed a willingness to try to hide the information from the public, and that’s where the fraud comes in, guys. It’s when he said everything’s fine, everything’s solvent, there’s no worries, withdrawals are going through okay, And then few days later, the entire, you know, site is shut down. So we’ll see what happens. That will be the area to watch. If Alex does get prison time, it’ll probably be based off of his, you know, willful containment of information That would have been better used for the general public. So we’ll see what happens there, but make no doubt, we’re not…

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