What’s the Buzz? Latest Updates on Safemoon: OpenAI GPT Integration, Wallet Launch, and Happy Army!

The video provides an update on Safe Moon, stating that it is now officially the most-watched cryptocurrency. The market cap of Safe Moon is $146 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $780,000. The video also mentions some new updates, including a new video on the Safe Moon YouTube channel, the development of the blockchain’s Merkel tree, a new peer-to-peer network, and full node trees. The Safe Moon wallet has also been updated, with customizable app icons, and the ability to off-ramp supported coins and tokens to fiat through their partners at MoonPay. The video advises viewers to do their research and not to take the content as financial advice.

Safemoon: The Most Watched Crypto

The Long-term Project with Huge Staying Power

What’s up you guys Jim crypto here back with exciting Safemoon news update and this is definitely gonna be one of the biggest Safeway News updates in a while because I haven’t made one so this is definitely going to be big and let’s go and see what’s going on with Safemoon.

My name is John is going to remove that Safemode is officially the most watched crypto and welcome back Safemoon family so glad for you to join us you know Safemoon has been around for a very long time they’re won the cryptocurrency that actually kind of kicked off my YouTube Career because I’ve been making Safemoon videos for a very long time so this is going back to April of 2021 and Safemoon is still going so this is gonna tell you guys that Safemoon is a long-term project market cap 146 million 24-hour trading volume is 780.

A Buying Opportunity

So the price of all major cryptocurrency currencies have pretty much dropped like 70 to 90 percent in the past 12 months or so you guys can blame this all on Terra Luna you guys can blame this all on all the fiascos that’s been going on you guys can blame us all on FTX and everything else like that but Safemoon is one of the cryptocurrencies you know the person charged John Caroni you know he lives like somewhere in the United States as far as we know he has a big mansion from what I heard but he continues to do a good job of maintaining this awesome Project Safemoon so let’s go and look at Twitter for the latest news.

Brand New Updates

So first of all we have 1.3 million followers on Safemoon so if you guys are part of Safemoon family smash the like button and comment safeman to the moon so let’s see what we have here friends so right here on February the 14th they have a new video need a quick recap of Safema this is on the Safemoon YouTube channel so that’s very good news foreign shared some highlights from the blockchain team’s development activity log in the Highlight the team has logged Quote to develop and implement the blockchain’s Merkel tree and quote save tree to the level database a fast key storage Library also found in the Highlight create peer-to-peer Network and full node trees the final log highlight mentions the quote development of orbital Shield integration points to the redactive blockchain Safeman does make sure to mention that no timelines are stated or implied and that the activities mentioned are a mix of past and present have you signed up for the sigma newsletter yet be one of the first to know when Safemoon releases some of the team’s newest updates you can sign up by visiting safemoon.com forward slash newsletter through their Partners at moonpay Safeman introduces the ability to off-ramp supported coins and tokens to Fiat in the recent wallet update the Safemoon wallet update also included some app icon customizations the safety wallet application is available for both Android and iOS Devices be sure to check out the Safemoon Lowdown for daily updates so there there you go guys you heard it from the Safemoon Army themselves lots of brand new updates especially with the Safemoon wallet huge update on that so if you guys not have installed it you guys can find the Safeway wallet on the App Store and also on Google Play so that’s what we’re talking about brand new wallet update we also have an amazing Safemoon newsletter that you guys can subscribe to so lots of things that Safemoon continues to keep up with social Media and provide the latest updates for you.

Huge Staying Power

And you know kind of Safemoon even though the cryptocurrency like the price is not high it’s pretty much every major cryptocurrency is down this is the one year chart right so there’s the overall cryptocurrency Market is actually making a huge recovery look at Bitcoin it is up like over nine percent or about nine percent in the last seven days Finance BNB is up ethereum is up so we’re starting to feel like this is a brand new cryptocurrency bull market you guys definitely want to miss this because if You missed Safemoon in the early days this might be your next best bet and Safemoon is even though it’s like all-time low this actually presents a buying opportunity because there’s lots of projects right like if you guys go to Pink sale and you look at some of the Projects there you know a lot of them they’re just gonna be coming here and going but Safemode is one of the cryptocurrencies that’s been around for nearly two years so I expect it to have huge staying power so once again guys if you’re part of Safeway Army smash like Button and comment Safewent to the moon and I’ll make some more like uh frequent safer and videos if you guys are interested in that but definitely expect Safemoon to be around for a very long time they continue to do marketing here you guys can see Billboards in New York.

Entertainment Purposes Only, Do Your Research

Definitely amazing things that the Safeway Army team is doing so if you guys like Safemoon then smash the like button and thank you guys for watching and of all my videos guys they’re just for entertainment purposes I’m not a financial advisor this is not Financial Advice make sure you guys are doing your research and thank you guys for watching peace out Foreign.

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