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The video discusses the recent dip in Volpino’s price and the possibility of it continuing to dip. The speaker mentions their previous video where they predicted the top and explained the movement of big money in the market. They also discuss their strategy for finding the right tokens with high volume for scalping and long-term investing. The video then analyzes Volpino’s current chart and notes issues such as low accumulation interest, divergence in the RSI indicator, and low volume compared to November. The speaker also talks about their current long position in Bitcoin and briefly mentions news about FTX exchange and a possible update on another crypto token.

Analyzing Volpino’s Price Dip and Long-Term Strategy


Volpino’s price has been dipping, and investors are wondering if it is going to continue. In a previous video released two months ago, the top was called, Wells were selling, and money moves were explained.

Dipping Price

Volpino’s price has gone down over 36% since mid-December, when the previous video was released. This was predicted based on big money moves and well orders being filled.

Strategic Investing

The speaker, who does not charge for any signals group, explains a scalping strategy that can be used for long-term investing. Finding the right tokens with a good screener and the right stocks is crucial.

Community and Issues

Volpino has a strong community but faces some challenges, including a strategy focused only on exchanges. Though Etoro is a good exchange choice, it is not sustainable long-term. The volume for Volpino, however, is healthy.

Technical Analysis

The accumulation zone has been touched, and the RSI indicator shows a Divergence, with a lower RSI and higher price. The volume peaked in November, but there is lower volume now. A breakout pattern may emerge.

Market News

Additional news on Volpino is scarce, with few people reporting anything noteworthy. The speaker has been trading Bitcoin since the beginning of this bull run, with a one-hour chart scalping strategy.


Long-term investors need to be wary of Volpino’s current strategy, which is too exchange-focused. Technically, a breakout pattern may emerge, but volume had peaked in November, and Divergence is evident. Market news on Volpino is minimal, with just a few people reporting on the token.

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