What’s Hiding in Plain Sight? πŸ‘€

In Southeast South Dakota, there is a community of over 575 decommissioned nuclear bunkers that have been repurposed into luxurious doomsday shelters. Many of these bunkers are equipped with full-size pools and bitcoin or other cryptocurrency mining equipment. Billionaires are investing in these shelters as a means of survival in the event of a societal catastrophe. Douglas Rushkoff, author and documentarian, covered this phenomenon in his book “Survival of the Richest,” where he was invited by five billionaires to a desert resort to discuss the topic of survival.

The Rise of Billionaire Doomsday Bunkers and Cryptocurrency Mining

What if someone told you that in the Southeast corner of South Dakota, there is a community of over 575 decommissioned nuclear bunkers? Even more interesting, is that inside these bunkers, you can find luxury amenities, like full-sized pools, that only the rich can afford. But that’s not all; many of these billionaire Doomsday Bunkers have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency mining machines inside them. You may be wondering why rich people are doing this.

Author and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff covered this topic in his book, “Survival of the Richest.” In the book, Douglas recounts how he was invited by five mysterious billionaires to a desert resort for a private talk. The topic was how to survive the event of a societal catastrophe they know is coming. The question is, who is specifically building these bunkers and going bonkers for crypto?

The answer is, a lot of people. The world is chaotic, and many wealthy individuals believe that the potential for global catastrophes is high. Their solution is to have a bunker that can keep them safe when these events occur. The bunkers act as a safety net for those who have the means to buy them.

But the truth is, simply having a bunker is not enough to ensure survival. These bunkers would need to have robust technology and infrastructure to sustain life for long periods. This is why many of these bunkers have cryptocurrency mining machines inside them. Cryptocurrency mining can generate significant sums of money while also providing the necessary technological infrastructure needed to sustain life underground.

Billionaires see cryptocurrency mining as a way to ensure their survival while also making a significant return on investment. By investing in cryptocurrency mining machines, they are not only making money but also establishing a robust technological foundation for their bunker.

In conclusion, the rise of billionaire Doomsday bunkers and cryptocurrency mining is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. While billionaires may believe that these bunkers and cryptocurrency mining are their keys to survival, it remains to be seen if they will be enough. Only time will tell.

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