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The market has turned positive after the higher-than-expected CPI results, with Bitcoin up 2.6% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is also looking good, and many altcoins are up significantly, including Cardano, Polygon, and Solana. Tesla rose 7% in response to the news. While the CPI is known to be the largest contributing factor to the housing market, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia believes policymakers will need to raise rates to counter the slow rise of inflation. Good news for crypto holders includes the forthcoming launch of the Polygon ZK EVM mainnet beta on March 27, while investors are also watching for news on a particular stock.

Update on the Market and Crypto

How is it going everyone? It’s Sam, and we already made a video today going over some of the CPI and why you should get your money out of binance or your crypto Auto Finance, but I want to give an update because the market has turned. The CPI came out higher than expected, but now the market is actually looking pretty good. The markets are green, some stocks are racing. I made a play this morning and added a little bit more to a couple different positions that I want to talk about. We also have good news for some crypto holders, so I want to go through a lot of that and explain why the market’s up because I did a little bit of this explaining earlier in the day as well, but now you can really see that the market is taking the CPI print really positively, as I said possibly earlier this morning.

Bitcoin and Crypto Market

Let’s take a look. Bitcoin is up 2.6% in the last 24 hours, the whole market’s up 3.6%, and a lot of the altcoins are up pretty significantly. Cardano’s up 10.1%, Polygons up 7.3%, Solana’s up 7.7%, a lot of crypto is doing really well. Now as we can see here from Bitcoin’s chart, we on the one hour have started to pump back up and we’re right at the same support line that we saw over the last couple weeks. We had seen us touch down support here once and then we broke back through, and this is a line that I thought could hold as support, and if it did, it would be pretty positive. But as you can see, we broke down underneath it, now we’re hitting it as a resistance line, but still, we’re still above 22,000, which I think is positive, and if we break through this and use it as support again, that will be positive. Ethereum is looking pretty good too.

Stock Market

Now some stocks are up a lot too. Tesla’s up seven percent for the day and it saw a very similar pump around the same time, and I think it’s due to a couple different factors. First of all, as I said, CPI came out higher than expected and that was taken as a pretty bad thing right when it happened. Then we started to recover, then we fell back down again, now we’re recovering again. I think there are a couple different reasons why this is actually a decent print or why the market’s taking it as a pretty good and not actually the end of the world, and while we are starting to see inflation this month in the last couple months, coming a little bit higher than I expected, especially after being revised, first of all, the largest contributing factor is housing to the CPI, and it was up 0.7%.

Federal Reserve and Inflation

We know that it’s coming down at some point, but this last month it was quite high still, so that might be one of the first reasons that we’re actually seeing the market react this way is because we know well the largest contributing factor is going to start falling down here soon. We also got news from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia present Patrick Harker, and he said they believe policymakers will need to raise rates to some level above five percent to counter inflation that is retreating only slowly. Now that sounds pretty negative, but when you look at some of his other comments, it sounds a little bit more bullish and it just depends on how you read it.

I do think that we will need to continue above five percent in 25 basis point increments for a while, so he’s saying, hey, I’m not expecting 50 basis points still, I think we should continue 25 basis points. He says at some point this year I expect policy, the policy rate will be restrictive enough to hold rates in place. CPI data shows that inflation is coming down slowly, so it just depends how you take it, could be taken as it’s coming down slowly, like too slowly, or it can be that still coming down just slowly, and I think this is a little bit positive.


I think even if the other Fed presidents are saying that it’s still coming down, we’re still playing 25 basis points, that provides some stability to the market when we get news like this of the CPI coming in and it’s higher than people expect. The question is, what does the FED think? Now, when we get clarity, it provides the market a little bit of relief, as we can see here, the VIX or the basically the volatility index has fallen down throughout the day. It’s down eight percent, people are less nervous, investors are less nervous, so there’s less of a question of if the inflation rate’s going to come in really high and just nuke the market. Now people realize, okay, I need to go long again, I need some more positions in risk assets, which is why I think we saw a move in the market, and we’re starting to see the overall market move up as well with the NASDAQ up about point six percent, S&P 500 is a little bit positive on the day that was still negative, but we’re starting to see even more of these risk assets do quite well.

Now there is some news that I want to talk about, some good news for a specific crypto, and there’s some good news for a specific stock, and I want to talk about what I added here today. Let’s talk about the crypto first, the polygon Hermes team and co-founder whose long list of contributions to ZK Tech just got a bit longer, polygon ZK EVM mainnet beta will launch on March 27th.

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