What You Need to Know: The Silence Before the Crypto Storm for XRP, BTC and Crypto Holders!

The cryptocurrency market is at a crucial point as Gary Gansler, the head of the SEC in the US is set to appear before Congress on April 18. His views on crypto regulation and the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple will be closely scrutinized. The market is also waiting for a decision on the Ripple lawsuit, and the Bitcoin price has been stable, bouncing between $28,700 and a slightly increasing line. A major move is expected in the market, and a slip up by Gansler on regulation could cause a spike in prices.

Understanding the Calm Before the Cryptocurrency Storm


Cryptocurrency investors need to brace themselves for the calm before the storm. With Bitcoin, XRP, and practically every other crypto hitting crucial points, it’s time to take a serious look at what’s going on in the world of finance. From Gary Gensler’s upcoming hearing before Congress to the ripple effects of the 2018 Ford scandal, there’s a lot to unpack.

The Good, the Bad, and the Regulation

Gary Gensler, head of the SEC in the U.S, is going to be sitting before Congress on April 18th to discuss crypto regulation. While he has previously claimed that everything is clear, the reality is anything but. The lawsuit against Ripple and the lack of concrete regulations have left investors in a state of limbo. Whether Gensler slips up or not, it could be a game-changing moment for the world of cryptocurrency.

The Ripple Effect

While XRP has been hit hard by the scandal at Ford, there are still 10 XRP facts and myths that need to be addressed. Ripple’s CTO recently addressed these, shedding light on some of the misconceptions surrounding the popular crypto.

Bitcoin Blues

Bitcoin has been stable for the past few weeks, hovering between 28.7 thousand and a slowly increasing line. However, the lack of movement may be cause for concern. We’re at a critical point, where a massive move is about to happen. If we break towards the upside, we could see some massive gains. If we break down, investors will be left disappointed.

A Shifting Financial Landscape

The world of finance is in a state of flux, with both Trump and Congressmen introducing bills for something more stable than the dollar. It’s clear that strategies of the past may no longer work in the future. Investors need to be aware of the changing landscape.


Overall, there’s a lot for cryptocurrency investors to be concerned about. A lot is riding on Gensler’s hearing on April 18th, and the future of XRP is still shrouded in uncertainty. However, with careful observation and a bit of luck, investors could be in for some big gains. The calm before the storm may be unsettling, but it’s important to remember that the storm clouds are always building.

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