What You Need to Know: Our Transparent Take on Lowcap Gems

The article discusses various cryptocurrency projects, including Nakamoto Games, Internet of Energy Network (IOEN), and Energy Web Token. The author suggests a balanced approach and dollar-cost averaging when investing in these low-cap gems. While Nakamoto Games has seen a significant 3x increase in the past month, the author believes it still has potential for growth. IOEN has a circulating supply of only 2 percent, but the author warns that dilution may be a problem. On the other hand, Energy Web Token has a strong team and potential for growth due to the increasing focus on climate change and energy efficiency.

The Level of Nakamoto: Will it Retrace?

The question of whether Nakamoto will retrace is a hot topic among cryptocurrency traders. Nakamoto has been on a parabolic trend and traders are wondering whether it will retrace to a significant extent. The question on whether to wait for Nakamoto to retrace is subjective and traders need to look at the charts to make a decision.

A look at the one-month chart or even the three-month chart reveals that Nakamoto has been on a parabolic trend over the span of several months. Although Nakamoto may be overbought, it is a low-cap gem that has defied market expectations. Viat, for example, rose by 25x after people warned that it could not go up any further. Similarly, Violent rose by 26x after traders doubted its potential.

A balanced view is crucial when it comes to investing in Nakamoto. Traders should not pour all their money into the cryptocurrency since it is impossible to time the market. Instead, traders should consider dollar-cost averaging as a viable long-term investment strategy. Dollar-cost averaging not only reduces the emotional factor of trading but also gives traders a good entry position for their long-term goals.

Investing in Energy Web Tokens

Investing in energy web tokens like IOEN is a great way to support the energy and climate change movement while earning profits. Seth from the video recommends energy web token because of the team behind it and its potential for growth. Energy web tokens allow people in the energy sector to create decentralized applications on its platform. The token is a mid-cap gem with a market capitalization of about 100 million dollars.

The Metafluids Project

The Metafluids project is a metaverse project that Crypto Games recently bought. Whether or not traders like the project, it is advisable to approach metaverse projects with caution. The circulating supply is never good and traders should diversify their investments instead of always following trends in the market.


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