What Happened to Celsius Network? The Alarming Truth Behind Their Toxic Reputation πŸ…

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has stepped away from the acquisition of Celsius citing a $2 billion hole in its balance sheet. The news caused a drop in the market price but some predict a possible retrace followed by a climb to $20,000, although it may depend on how media outlets cover the news. The fear and greed index is still in the accumulation area, with some predicting a slight pump before a decline. Investors are urged to consider signing up with Bitget, which is offering bonuses via the link in the description.

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This is a very very serious video that you need to watch all the way into the end because ftx steps away from celsius acquisition citing a 2 billion hole in its balance sheet this is very very serious uh and we’ve seen the market price that uh during the asia session and basically yesterday.

Bitcoin’s Future

The question is will bitcoin hold well i’ve been long uh a bunch of stuffs on the dip right here as you can see from my alerts i’ve got eight loans right here this one’s and right now my my prediction and my hope is and i

Want to start with that because i know a lot of you are just here for that and this video is no financial advice obviously is that we might retrace from here a little bit but uh we are likely to go to 20hk before before retracing down again

That’s if there’s more celsius news if for some reason we can bury them for the day we can go to 20 20 000 right so if you want to start the long position right here the best place to do that on right now is actually bid get because they’re

Offering a lot of bonuses if you go to the description of any video and by the way i was right in the for the last two dips and said there’s going to be a bitcoin crash 10 minutes i was right it happened in 20 minutes then i said

Another great day yesterday we had that but the question is how can you benefit from these dips long or short or copying really profitable traders from bit get that’s very easy all you got to do is sign up using my link in description below there’s a

Bunch of bonuses you can claim at least four thousand bonus plus 150 dollars easy check it out the requirements are in the first link in description down below.

The Market Situation

There is painting market it is trying to recover right now it’s trying to recover with volume uh the fear and greed index

Is not that bad it’s still in in accumulation um territory bitcoin is down bitcoin on uh bit get on futures is up and the crypto index is up as well so the question is will we hold the ema uh and pump and this is my belief and this

Is how i’m playing this market yes we can have a correction right now above the dip if we dip and i got stopped out on my lungs i’m just entering new ones i do believe who have a small pump before the decline i’m looking to close out on my lungs uh and then

Re-enter short i’ve seen what a lot of the good traders in bitget do uh a lot of being are long right now as well but then i’m definitely sure that they’ll go short because a lot of them are tcain uh in reversal inverse dc so basically they’re shorting every uh pump

Uh it it’s kind of like grid trading but basically every time there’s a pump uh they will shorten the market this news is definitely bad we’ll see how it will develop uh there was a blog post from um celsius and it had nothing no positive news basically

Around the project and there was nothing positive about withdrawals so that’s definitely bad for us here it is they’re not gonna buy it the information comes from two sources who told the block that fdx was walking away from the deal so she set it at two billion hole

They i guess they did had that uh found that out during their due diligence bitcoin is dumping uh it’s been over 70 days in the user friends are still frozen with thousands of customers unable to access their funds despite the fact that withdrawals have been banned crypto landing services

Continues to pay weekly incentives to investors it’s insulting they’re saying i don’t think it’s insulting i think it’s good that they’re paying them yeah we’ll see how this will develop let me know your opinion uh in the comment section down below i do believe that the

This will be an interesting day pump and dump within the same day uh for the crypto market really depends on how the media outlets will cover this news um basically just came out and we don’t want to get too much panic in the market i think

A lot of shorts are taking profit right now and the pump we’re seeing right now is people buying vps a lot of lungs with leverage yes but the lungs with leverage are easy targets for um for traders that would short and liquidate them plus it’s people just

Taking profit so we have this slight move up because of that let me know what you think in the comment section down below subscribe if you’re new see you next time bye

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