What Every XRP Community Member Needs to Know Now!

The XRP community has some psycho members who will buy anything remotely connected to XRP, turning it into a marketing ploy for companies. This is because these psychopathic XRP holders will buy anything, making it easy for companies to position their coins to attract them. However, this is not unique to XRP as every community has its share of psychopathic holders. Despite this, the author believes that Flair is a strong project, and they are still bullish and holding their bag.

XRP Community’s Behavior

It’s a commonly observed thing that the XRP community is quite psychopathic. They tend to buy anything and everything remotely connected to XRP. This behavior of XRP holders becomes a marketing ploy for many companies, which results in numerous projects shifting towards the XRP ledger for a higher market position.

XRP Community versus Others

XRP community is not the only one with psychopathic holders. Every community has its own set of such holders. Cardano, HBAR, and Bitcoin are no exception.

Flair: A Strong Project

Despite the psychopathic behavior of some XRP holders, Flair is still considered a strong project. The author himself is still bullish and holding his bag.

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