What are the Top 5 Meme Coins to Buy in February 2023 for Huge Potential? πŸ”₯πŸš€

In this video, the top 5 meme coins for the next bull run are discussed. These meme coins have gained popularity in the crypto space for their unique concepts and community involvement. The first-place meme coin is Floki Muni, which aims to combine real utility while being community-driven and has the potential to provide a 100x return. The second is Ridge Quack, which has a huge community and is hyper-deflationary self-generating automatic liquidity that pays out static rewards to holders. Shiba Inu, baby Dogecoin, and Suka Zukon are also discussed as strong meme coin choices for the next bull run. However, viewers are reminded that this is not investment or financial advice and to do their own research before investing.

Top 5 Meme Coins for the Next Bull Run: Which Ones to Watch Out For


Hey guys, welcome back to a brand new video. The topic for today’s video is the top 5 meme coins for the next Bull Run that have the possibility to go 100x. So, without any further ado, we’re going to get into it. Just note that I think that I’m going to say is not going to be an investment or a financial advice so always do an investigation and research.

Meme Coins Gain Popularity

Meme coins have gained a lot of popularity in the crypto space for their unique concept and community involvement. In this video, we’ll be discussing the top five meme coins that have the potential to provide a 10x or 100x return in the next Bull Run.

1. Floki Muni

In the first place, we have Floki Muni. Floki Muni is a decentralized meme coin with D5 features. Its holders earn Dogecoin by holding Flokium token thanks to the three-person transaction tax that is reflected to holders. Now, Floki Muni aims to combine real utilities while being community-driven and to create mainstream adoption. Floki Muni has an NFT collection that we can buy on their website for 0.7 BNB each. The NFT allows you to play their game and to earn Flukey M reward in return, and then you can use those tokens and you can get reflection indoors so you earn more from that as well. They also launched a fully developed app where users can buy tokens on their wallet with their credit cards. They can swap tokens and they can track their wallet’s values. Floki Muni has gained a lot of traction and is one of the strongest meme coins out there. It is a good investment because they have all the ingredients for the potential 100x moonshot. They have 400,000 market cap, 100,000 security, 50 supplies burn and 50 Supply is locked on pancakes of LP, and so the theme don’t have tokens. It’s actually a community-driven project, so it is a safe choice. After its launch, Floki Muni went from 5,000 market cap to 40 million market cap, gaining traction at 10,000 holders. The project has a very nice growth from its launch. Now, in the next Bull Run, it could grow very, very huge when people realize the project and the potential that is behind this.

2. Ridge Quack

In the second place, we have Ridge Quack. Ridge Quack is hyper deflationary self-generating automatic liquidity that pays out static rewards to holders. So, you simply hold Quack in your wallet and you get more on every transaction, which is the mechanism of reflection. It has a huge community and is trending on Kind Market Cap and on social media. Their community is very strong even in Bear market, and this is why we think this is a meme coin of choice for the next Bull Run to accumulate. Now, they have a launch pad staking tell and so much more. Ridge Quack did a 30X in November 21 and is sitting at the bottom since the Bear Market has started. They have the market cap of 63 million dollars, and their all-time high was 155 million dollars. We think this coin has huge potential for reaching 500 million to 5 billion market cap in the next Bull Run, which could make an easy 10x to 100x compared to right now.

3. Shiba Inu

In the third place, we have Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu is the most popular meme coin that is behind Doge. This coin has a whole ecosystem. Ship is the main token that is bringing power of decentralized community. A leash is positioned as a special token for loyal supporters of the ecosystem enabling holders to benefit from exclusive perks and access. Bone is the ecosystem’s governance token. Bone was designed to allow the Shiba Army to have its voice heard by voting on proposals. We had the doggy DAO. Furthermore, Bone is the foundation upon which they built their ecosystem’s proprietary leader to network shibarium. Shiba has a huge community supporting the ecosystem. They developed a Shiba Swap and will release HD by new games as well as the Shibarium L2 chain. They’re developing their project alongside the market trends and is set to stay at this position of the strongest meme coin. Shiba did a 100,000 action return, and the mid-early adopters earned a lot of money. Shiba Inu is the Doge killer, and they are listed on Binance and Robinhood. Shiba is different than all meme coins as there are some mystery about this. It is sitting at a 6 billion market cap. The previous all-time high was 43 billion, which would make a 10x on the current price. We believe Shiba Inu has the potential to reach 100 billion to 500 billion market cap in the next Bull Run, which could make it a 15x to 100x compared to the price that is right now.

4. Baby Doge

In the fourth place, we have Baby Doge. The Baby Dogecoin is the promising new beam cryptocurrency as a child of Dogecoin. The Baby Dogecoin seeks to extend their adorable meme features while offering investors the potential for substantial profits. The Baby Dosh wants to offer the same value spikes while speeding up transaction times and offering a user percentage of all transaction fees, which again is a reflection mechanism. The Baby Dogecoin is following a six-step roadmap to maximize token value. The project also aims to offer more security to users who have luck to goodity. It emphasizes values such as transparency, trust, community, and longevity. They aim to involve the committee as much as possible and have implemented outside audits to eliminate any fears of opacity. The Founders have chosen not to put themselves in the spotlight. However, the main founder of the project has revealed his identity and kind of like has dogs. He is a poorer League Christian campsie, founder of pause.com and a prevent supporter of animal focus charities. According to Christian, the identities of other general team members will be announced once the project has gained enough momentum. So, why invest in Baby Doge? The Baby Dogecoin is very similar in its approach to value appreciation as many other dog coins such as Shiba Inu, Alaska and Minishiva. However, it differentiates itself through some features and has a head start by building a large community on social media and welcoming 250,000 holders. Its market cap of 170 million makes it a very good 10x Roi for the next Bull Run.

5. Suka Zukon

In the fifth place, we have Suka Zukon. Suka Zukon is a decentralized community and is centered around meditation, reflection, and research. It encourages positive community sentiment through the study of philosophical meditative and spiritual ideas. During the founder of the token, there are rumors that it will be the cure of the Shiba. And Suka Zukon did a 10x since May 2022, and they have a market cover of 84 million dollars with 9,000 holders. We think this token has a huge potential of reaching 500 million to 1 billion market cap in the next program, which you know could make it a 5x to 10x compared to what it is right now.


In conclusion, this was the summary of the top 5 meme coins that are thought to be 10x to 100x in the next Bull Run. But still, I’m going to remind you guys that you should do your research and investigation, as nothing that was said in the video is an investment or a financial advice. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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