Unveiling The World Economic Forum’s SECRET Agenda: Prepare To Own Nothing

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a powerful group of people who have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to grab more power and control, and their vision is to redefine capitalism and society based on the dictates of the technocracy. They aim to capture property rights and agency, making it pointless for individuals to own their property or make decisions, and their policies have only caused more inequality, crushed the middle class, and benefited only the top 1%. However, pain is the point because their plan uses phrases to make people feel safe and cared for but is a ploy to bring about feudalism 2.0.

The Yearning for Normalcy

We all just want the world to go back to normal. And by normal, I mean living your life without the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. While no one would argue life was perfect in 2019, we can all agree that it’s gotten a lot worse since then. We are all yearning for freedom.

A Power-Hungry Group

But that’s not exactly true. You see, there’s a group of people, powerful people, who saw the pandemic as a gift on a silver platter. They see lockdowns, mandates and fearmongering as a means to grab more power and consolidate control.

Feudalism and Escape to America

Helen, Georgia is a town that was built in America meant to resemble a southern border town in Germany. Thousands of German immigrants fled and came to America in order to escape the remnants of feudalism that impacted much of Europe. Feudalism is a type of government that centralizes ownership of literally everything into the hands of the royals, lords, dukes, earls and kings. Now, if you were lucky, you might become a knight and actually get to own some land. But most were not that lucky and lived lives as peasants, where they own nothing. They were told to be happy about it. Ravensburg, Germany is a village with a history that dates all the way back to 746. It’s situated near the border of Germany and Switzerland, and it’s known as the City of Towers and Gates. There are reminders of the Dark Ages and feudalism found on every corner.

The Upbringing of Klaus Schwab

Fast forward to the 1930s, feudalism is nothing more than a history lesson, Germany is recovering from World War I, and then a powerful leader comes to power. During this time, a boy named Klaus Schwab was born in Ravensburg, Germany. Where you grow up has an effect on you. Growing up in 1930s Germany will burden anyone with a lot of baggage. Ravensburg was no exception. During that time, all children aged six or older were required to join the Hitler Youth, which trained German boys and girls to think the way Hitler wanted them to think and to never be free again, not in their whole lives.

The World Economic Forum

The City of Towers and Gates and the lessons from the National Socialist Party raised Klaus. That’s why it’s no surprise that a cabal like the WEF could position itself to become kind of a super governmental body, one that surveils and controls men and women at the highest levels of power all over the globe, coercing them to follow the radical visions of Klaus Schwab.

The WEF’s Agenda and Influence

But the World Economic Forum is not controlling world leaders by doing anything insane or illegal. They’re just practicing good old-fashioned influence peddling. Others may know it as lobbying. The vision of the WEF is to redefine capitalism, society and human development. And they aren’t shy about it. The WEF leadership has openly stated that they want to create a new world order and reset society based on the dictates of the technocracy.


Every spring, a cloud of private jets darken the sky over the Alps as hundreds of billionaires, dictators, presidents, cronies and warlords descend on the sleepy town of Davos to talk about what Klaus Schwab wants the world to be like and how they can be part of this glorious revolution.

The Failures of the WEF’s Plan

By all available metrics, the world was steadily improving until the year 1970. Then the WEF began pushing its globalist agenda. And now we’re facing the biggest financial crisis we’ve seen since the Great Depression. None of the policies they’ve been pushing have seemed to work. It’s only caused more inequality. It’s crushed the middle class. And it’s only benefited the top 1%. So the plan has failed in every way, right? No. Pain is the point. Because inequality is the plan. The plan uses phrases like “We are hopeful this plan categorically rejects the doomsday mindset” or “In 2020 and 2021, government policy alone stood between the global economy and the abyss” to make you feel safe and cared for.

Feudalism 2.0

But the proof is in the pudding. It’s a ploy to bring about feudalism 2.0 where you’ll own nothing and be…

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