Unveiling the Unbelievable Potential of Bitgert Blockchain Crypto: Prepare for a Groundbreaking Surge! πŸš€ Unearth Game-Changing News and Updates that Redefine the Top BSC Altcoin of All Time! πŸ’Ž

The content is a cryptocurrency update by a person named Jim Krypto. He mentions a cryptocurrency called BitGerd and the B Rice token, which he has been talking about for over a year. He states that there is big news coming for BitGerd and that its value is increasing. He explains that BitGerd has its own blockchain and uses the B Rice token. He mentions the trading volume and market capitalization of BitGerd. He also discusses the team behind BitGerd and their efforts to make it a prominent blockchain solution. He mentions the availability of BitGerd on various exchanges and the upcoming game-changing news. He provides hints from Twitter about the game changer and mentions upcoming developments, marketing campaigns, blockchain upgrades, and potential exchanges for BitGerd. He believes that BitGerd has the potential for significant growth.


What’s up you guys, Jim Krypto here and I’m excited to bring you guys a cryptocurrency update for a cryptocurrency I’ve been talking about for over a year – Spitgert and the B Rice token.

Bitgird and B Rice Token

As you know, I’ve been talking about Bitgird for a long time, almost a year now, and every video I made about it gave you guys some of the latest updates. Bitgird is definitely one of the most amazing projects I have seen in the cryptocurrency space. It has long-term potential, unlike many other projects. It’s available on the Binance merchant and has its own blockchain, which we discussed previously. The entire ecosystem of Bitgird utilizes the B Rice token.

Current Status

Take a look at the amazing numbers for Bitgird – 24-hour trading volume is up and up, reaching almost 20 million. The market capitalization is a whopping 360 million, an increase of 64% today. Something big is coming, and it’s only going to push the cryptocurrency even higher. Now is definitely the time to get into it.

Chart Analysis

Let’s analyze the charts – the three-month chart shows a huge pump, and it’s projected to go even higher. Looking at the all-time chart, we can see that Bitgird has been around for over a year. The developers and the team behind it have been working tirelessly to establish Bitgird and the B Rice token as a leading solution in blockchain technology. They have their own blockchain and support smart contracts, making them a competitor against the likes of Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Features and Services

Bitgird offers a range of services and features. They have a startup studio where people can launch their projects on the Bitgird blockchain. They also have a bridge that connects everything together, making for a seamless experience. With a network of validators and a comprehensive roadmap, Bitgird is positioning itself as a professional and service-oriented company.

Real Utility

One of the most impressive aspects of Bitgird is the real utility it offers. With the B Rice token, users can engage in staking, NFTs, and DeFi activities. The zero-cost gas fee blockchain is a huge advantage, similar to the Binance Smart Chain. Bitgird also provides a Bitcoin wallet for users’ convenience.

Exciting Future

Considering the continuous pumps and the game-changing news that is coming, Bitgird is set to make a huge impact in the cryptocurrency space. It’s currently available on various exchanges, including PancakeSwap, and has a 24-hour trading volume of 20 million. This already puts it at a much higher level than SafeMoon, which has a trading volume of only 2 million. It’s a great time to invest in Bitgird and the B Rice token.

The Game Changer

Bitgird has been teasing a game-changing announcement on Twitter. While they provide some hints, the details are not fully disclosed yet. They mention monthly updates, extensive marketing campaigns, blockchain upgrades for better performance, the release of the Pay Rise intro video, grants and partnership programs, negotiations with tier one exchanges, and venture capitalists’ involvement in research and development. The buzz around Bitgird is growing, and it has been trending as the top gainer of the day.


In conclusion, Bitgird and the B Rice token are making waves in the cryptocurrency industry. With its continuous growth, professional services, and real utility, Bitgird is positioning itself as a leading player in the blockchain technology space. The upcoming game-changing announcement has created excitement and anticipation among investors. Now is the time to get in on this promising cryptocurrency.

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