Unveiling the Ultimate Guide to Claim the Enormous SUI Airdrop! (Step-by-step Tutorial) | $SUI token (Latest YouTube Update)

The content discusses the process of obtaining Sweet tokens through an airdrop on the Sui Network. The author emphasizes the importance of being up-to-date and doing your own research as there is no guarantee of an airdrop. They provide instructions on how to install the Sui wallet and switch to the test net. They also mention an issue with gas fees on the Sui Network, but assure readers that it will be resolved soon. The author acknowledges the skepticism surrounding airdrops, but highlights the example of Arbitrum’s successful airdrop in 2021. Overall, the content aims to guide readers in obtaining the Sweet tokens while reminding them of the uncertainties involved.

How to Get the Sweet Airdrop: A Step-by-Step Guide

All right, what is going up guys what is going up what is going on guys? Everyone is going absolutely crazy for the sweet airdrop. Just take a look at this. This is where we request our test net tokens, and look, there have been 413 messages since I just turned on my camera. And if we scroll down, you can see how absolutely crazy this is. You can barely even keep up with the amount of people who are requesting these tokens.

The Importance of Liking Airdrop Videos

There are a couple of things that you need to know to be fully up to date so you guys can get your hands on this airdrop, because some things have changed over the last few days. Now, if you love these airdrop videos, do me a favor and smash that like button. Because that tiny little motion of you just boop booping the like button really will help me in the YouTube algorithm. And that’s all I ask of you.

No Guarantees: Do Your Own Research

Also, guys, I know most of you get it, but we may not see an airdrop for sweet. For full transparency, we don’t know for sure. This video is here to make sure that we do everything that we can in order to be entitled to it. But there is no guarantee here. So far, this doesn’t cost anything, so I’m doing it. You guys are entitled to do it, but you have to do your own research. And don’t come crying to me if there is no airdrop. Alright, so smash the like button if you’re hard as nails and you don’t really care, you just want to get some free money. And let’s jump into it.

Introduction to the Sui Network

So first of all, what is the Sui Network? It’s made by mistin Labs, an R&D firm created by the former senior executives from Meta’s Novi research. They are key architects of the DM blockchain, as well as the Move programming language. And like Aptos Sui blockchain, it is created on the Move programming language, which is based on Rust. Move is a biocode language that makes it possible to create smart contracts. The Sui token itself will have a fixed quantity of 10 billion tokens and serves in a variety of functions on the Suite ecosystem.

Installing the Sui Wallet

With that said, how do we get some of these sweet free tokens? Let’s go through the process together. So first, we’re going to go over and install the Sui wallet. Here, I’m going to add that to Brave. We’re going to add this extension right now. We’re going to hit get started, create a new wallet, and create a password. Alright, so now we have created our Sui wallet.

Understanding the Devnet and Testnet

Now, remember, this right now is on the devnet. It’s not a live mainnet like Arbitrum was. This is on the devnet, meaning that this entire process will not cost you any real money. So, this is testing out the protocol to see where there are issues that they can fix before they go live.

Switching to the Testnet

Now, this here is the point that has changed since my last video. They have actually updated, and they are now on their testnet. So, they’re no longer on devnet. The devnet is still there, but from what I’ve heard, this devnet actually gets wiped every two weeks. So, what we want to do is we actually want to switch over to the testnet. So, here we have Sui on the testnet. If you’ve just downloaded this and you’re on the devnet, you want to click on these lines here, click on Network, and switch from the devnet over to the testnet. Once we click on that, you’ll see your wallet here, and it probably has zero Suite tokens.

Requesting Testnet Tokens

So, how do we get these? Well, we go over to the Discord, and from the Discord, we actually request it from over here, the testnet, not the devnet like we did in the last video. But the testnet. Here, you can use this. So, you take one of these, exclamation mark faucet, you paste that in, and then you’ll paste in your wallet address. You get your wallet address by heading back to your wallet here and clicking copy right there. So, you paste that in, and then you’ll get your tokens.

Troubleshooting: Getting Tokens on the Testnet

Now, with that said, there was one thing that I ran into. I wasn’t getting any of my tokens. So, I found out from the support chat, so if you guys have any questions, I suggest heading over to their support chat. It’s actually really good. You can come here, click support, and ask questions here. What I actually asked here was, “Why am I not getting any tokens on the testnet only on the devnet?” Now, they gave me a good answer, and exactly if you are having this problem, what you’ll need to do is you need to head up to here, to your browser extensions. You can’t see it on my screen, but once you hit that browser extensions, and you want to click on manage extensions. Once you come to this manage extensions, you want to click here. So, this should be off, but you want to click on developer mode here, turn that on, and you want to click on details. So, Sui Network and then details. That will open this up, and then you see up here we have an update. So, you’re going to update your Sui wallet. Now, once you update it, that was the fix for me. Once I requested in the faucet over in Discord, I got my one Suite token.

The Gas Fee Issue

Now, from what I understand, you can continually request more Suite tokens every four hours. But I may be wrong there, so don’t quote me on that. That’s just what I’ve heard. And from here, what we want to do is some steps that can potentially get us the sweet airdrop.

No Guarantee: The Case of Arbitrum

Now, I want to remind you guys of one thing that I keep seeing in all of the comments. We are seeing developers from the project Sui behind the people behind the project saying there is no Sui airdrop, stop spreading nonsense, there is no sweet airdrop. Now, this may be the case, so if there’s no sweet airdrop, don’t come crying to me, and also don’t be upset. We’re only here trying to make the best of any situation. But there is one thing to remember, right? There was the same exact thing in 2021 happening for Arbitrum. Now, remember, we only got the Arbitrum airdrop in 2023. So, it might be some time. But Arbitrum, look at this, Offchain Labs saying there is no airdrop, no token. There is no airdrop, there is no airdrop, there’s no airdrop. This was continually said over and over again. But there was an airdrop, right? So, that’s all we have to go on. I do not know if there’s going to be an airdrop, maybe there won’t be. But I’m doing it anyway to make the best of any situation.

Gas Fee Issues and Conclusion

Now, as we speak, we do have a slight issue with gas fees on the Sui Network. Some of the members of the support team have told me that this will clear up very soon. So, I wanted to get this video to you so you can make the best of it as soon as you can. But most of the steps that we’re going to take next actually take way too much gas to complete. Now that we only have one Suite token. So, like I said at the start of the video, you should be able to request a new Suite token every four hours. And also, you can just make other accounts and request from the faucet more of these testnet tokens. So, you may have to do this a few times and let it go over a few different days. It doesn’t really matter because we’re a long way out.

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