Unveiling the Revolutionary Crypto Bookmaker: Experience the World’s First Decentralized Sports & NFT Betting Platform!

The content is a video review of a cryptocurrency betting platform called Bookmaker.xyz. The reviewer explains that the platform is decentralized and operates on smart contracts, ensuring transparency and immutability. Users can connect their wallets through Metamask or Wallet Connect without having to deposit or withdraw funds. The platform offers a variety of sports and esports betting options, and is planning to introduce NFT betting. The reviewer highlights the simplicity of placing bets and monitoring events. Contact information for the platform’s social media accounts and Discord community is provided.

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Exploring an Upcoming Web 3

Now, with that being said, you guys, today’s video is going to be actually taking a look at an upcoming web 3. I want to say this as kind of non-restrictive as possible because with YouTube restrictions and so forth, I’ve been restricted heavily when talking about this particular subject.

Betting on Web 3

But regarding betting, and in this particular instance, web 3 sports betting and gaming betting, etc., you get the idea. As well as they are going to be implementing NFT betting. Take this entertainment purposes only as well as educational purposes only as I’m going to be reviewing the site and basically anything that you guys want to take a look at, feel free to do on your own accord.

Introducing Bookmaker.xyz

But with that being said, you guys, let’s dive right on into it. What exactly am I talking about? Well, the actual website and the actual project itself is called Bookmaker. Now, currently, you guys can actually get to them by going to bookmaker.xyz. And as you guys can see here, it’s literally just a huge crypto-based betting platform, regarding a lot of sports.

Decentralized and Transparent

I think it’s very interesting because it’s completely decentralized and any betting that actually happens is on a chain on smart contracts. You guys can see here down at the very bottom, you have the official contracts, which is something I personally really like. Because it’s on-chain, meaning that it’s immutable and it’s very transparent. It’s all predetermined so you can’t just obviously have it rigged, if that makes sense, because you could verify everything on the actual smart contracts.

No KYC Required

And there is no KYC or anything like that that you guys actually have to complete. It’s literally completely separate from that. I know some platforms obviously have that issue where if they actually require KYC, then they have to go through a lot of these different licensing requirements, things like that, regulations. And I’m not too sure how it is for certain countries and whatnot, but at the end of the day, it’s basically like a sweepstakes you can call.

Deposit and Withdrawal

That’s kind of the way I look at it, sweepstakes betting, whatever you really want to kind of refer to it as. But as you can see, actually Bookmaker.xyz is not a bookmaker. Yes, that’s right. You can bet here and you can win here, but there’s no house, there’s no bookmaker or sportsbook which bets against you. So there’s nothing like that, you guys.

Locked Funds on Smart Contracts

Now, when you kind of look at a casino perspective, that’s kind of what you’re talking about as the house edge and whatnot. That’s not anything like Bookmaker, and I really like that. So unlike Bookmaker where you have to deposit your money so that you can bet, with Bookmaker.xyz, you never make deposits or withdrawals. So when you bet your money, it is locked into the blockchain smart contracts which have predetermined outcomes. And once the game and event finishes, the contract allows you to redeem your winnings if you actually win. So again, you’re not actually depositing or withdrawing from the actual site.

Connecting Your Wallet with Metamask

And if you go back to the actual website, you can see that you can connect your wallet through MetaMask or Wallet Connect. And that’s something I really, really like. This is one of the only platforms that I’ve actually ever come across that have actually integrated MetaMask and obviously Wallet Connect to actually get your actual wallet. Because a lot of the platforms out there, you have to deposit and withdraw, and I think that’s complete garbage and I don’t think that’s right. Because obviously with that being said, you have no control over your funds then basically because it’s on an external app, it’s on an external platform. And as you can see here, you can literally do it from the comfort of MetaMask. And that’s why I really, really like it and that’s why I think this is a better platform out there, out there for betting and sports betting and things like that, especially if you are into that sort of thing.

Wide Range of Betting Options

Because I know it’s kind of been heavily regarded as a big industry now, especially with a lot of sports. You have football, you have e-sports, as you can see here tennis. And they, again, like I mentioned, they are getting into, I believe, NFT betting as well. And that’s something to keep in mind. And if you have any questions relating to all this, you guys, contact them on their social media and give them a follow. There’s over 10,000 followers on their actual Twitter, you guys. And they actually do have a Discord as well, so you can actually communicate with other people as well as the actual team. So if you have any questions, reach out to them because that’s going to be your best bet. There’s over 1,100 members on their Discord, 167 online for my time zone. And again, on their Twitter, you guys, this is kind of where all updates are going to be. They’re getting into kind of like the play to earn spectrum regarding bet to earn farming. So they are going to be introducing that, you guys, as you can see here. You bet, we pay. Places back and earn rewards, win or lose. You earn weekly GNO reward pool. And I think that’s pretty awesome. Actually, gonna favorite that there. I think this is a pretty awesome considering, again, like I haven’t seen anything like this come out in the DeFi space for a long time. And I think this is one of the only platforms out there that I’ve come across again that has integrated the whole connecting your MetaMask and Wallet Connect where you don’t actually have to deposit or withdraw on their actual platform. So that’s something I really, really like. And you can see here, you guys, it’s very, very simple as well. You could literally bet on e-sports, football. Again, there’s a lot of options. You can look at the risk-to-reward depending on what you’re actually betting and whatnot. And if you connect your wallet, I’m just going to connect my MetaMask here to showcase to you guys. I have absolutely nothing in this wallet. But as you guys can see here, I’ve got nothing. But you can see here you do have to sign obviously the blockchain and whatnot. Sign, boom, boom, boom. Obviously, you’re good. Then, as you can see, just choose an event. It’s very, very simple. Then you place your obviously your sweepstake, whatever you want to do. And then you can check in everything and monitor kind of like what you would see on even U.S. Open, whatnot. And you can see here you do have to change your network to Gnosis, unfortunately. As you guys can see, this is running on the xDai chain, whatever you want to really call it. I’ve used this quite a bit. It’s not hard to use at all, especially because it just runs through MetaMask. But you guys can see, it’s very, very simple. And if you guys are interested, feel free to take a look at all this. Down below, I’m gonna make sure to leave any information I can down below, such as…

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