Unveiling the Massive Altcoin Gems to Watch Out for in April 2022 – Have You Checked the 10x Opportunity Yet?

In this video, the content creator highlights their top three cryptocurrency picks, which include Eternity.io, APECoin, and Shiba Predator. The creator updates their viewers on Eternity.io being available on Coinbase and raising $20 million in a seed round for its NFT tech metaverse. APECoin is a governance DOW focused on building an ecosystem, including Bot Ape and Kennel Club. Lastly, Shiba Predator is a revised version of Shiba Inu, and the creator believes it has huge potential based on its social media following and market cap. However, the creator emphasizes that this video is not financial advice, and viewers should perform their own due diligence before investing.


What is up you guys Deborah here back again for more crypto news. Today we have a top three pick once again and these three picks are definitely something you will be hyped up about because two of those picks are something brand new. One of those picks I’ve been talking about for months now and that one is a sure long-term gem.

Eternity.io Updates

First, I’d like to give updates on the one that I’ve been talking about for many many months, it’s Eternity.io, the world’s first authenticated and licensed NFT platform. So, what do they have new installed for us? So basically, I’ve covered this in my previous video that they’re now available on Coinbase exchange. That’s a very good sign because a lot of new buyers can come in as of now. Also, correcting and replacing the internal labs raises $20 million dollars in the seed round itself and they continue to build the NFT tech metaverse and play to earn games. I’m really looking forward to the metaverse, the metaphors looks really cool. I saw the teaser of it. It has all the famous public figures such as Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, every single person is on there in the hall of fame. My good friend was at NFTLA just last week so you can see the team right here was also there. They did the meet and greet so a lot of people could see the team behind this project. And if you take a look at Eternity 2.0 roadmap, the Q1 update, there’s basically just a small update on the Q1 road map. This is basically the update on the Q1 road map, they put a bar right here so you can see how the progression is like. If you zoom in here, you can see the eternity packs is 50% done, the mobile app launch is also 50% done, the PFP avatar project launch phase one is 75% done. They can track everything right here, they’ve completed most of the tasks they put their minds into, that’s what I really like about this project. And last but not least, you can come hang out with the friends on the AMA on the Discord. It’s going to be 8 A.M. ST and last but not least they have regular AMAs.

Xorin’s New NFT Launch

As I mentioned in my previous video as well Xorin’s is their new NFT launch, the most ambitious project yet because they’re starting a whole new ecosystem for their community. This is the whole metaverse PFP avatars. It consists of 12 000 different unique characters, and this game is going to be a triple A play-to-earn game. It’s also something very new coming out on this NFT project. Basically, there’s a new NFT drop mystery collection, so these are going to be mystery boxes with NFT drops and there’s going to be a surprise every single time. In order for you to take part in the Eternity mystery box collection, where brand new collectibles will be released, rare artworks, and past collections. And what would these NFTs do? Basically, these NFTs will give you opportunities to win limited edition passes to meet and greet Shaquille O’Neal, Anderson Silver, all these famous public figures upon reveal of this NFT mystery boxes. Basically, the NFT could be either from the Eternities vault or a highly coveted Xorians mint pass. Immediately after you unlock your mystery collection, your NFT will then be revealed.

Apecoin: Governance DOW

Next, I’d like to talk about is one of the ones that all of you were hyped about, even me myself I bought into it. It’s called Apecoin. I know it’s a bit too late, but I don’t want to talk about it when it’s so high because when it’s at the height price it means that it’s at an expensive price and I don’t want to get in while it’s expensive. Now it’s dipped quite a bit so it’s quite a cheap price. This is Apecoin, basically, it’s going to be a governance DOW. It has a whole ecosystem fund and this whole fund is distributed by the Ape Foundation to promote diverse and self-sustaining ecosystems. In short, this coin is famous because of bought Ape Yacht Club. If people don’t want to agree with me on this, that’s their problem, but it’s famous for Board Debian. This Ape Foundation is also one of the driving forces that made this coin so popular because this whole ecosystem can then be built by the Ape holders for the Ape coin dial. And the Ape coin dial consists of day-to-day administration bookkeeping, the project management, and other tasks in order to include every single holder as part of the founders of this project. This whole ecosystem is really crazy if you’re into all these NFTs, this is the one for you because if you take a look right here, they have bought Ape and Kennel Club, and they are muted to aim at Kennel Club. And that’s based on how many tokens you hold, you can claim your NFTs on the claiming board right here. All you have to do is connect it to your metamask. There’s also an Apecoin dial proposals page and an Apecoin Dell community page.

Shiba Predator: Revised Version of Shiba Inu

Last but not least, this one is the one that I just bought last week, and I can see it doing crazy, crazy well. This is the Shiba Predator, Shiba Flip Doge, and now we flip Shaba. If you take a look at the charts today, it is quite green. It went up 11%. And yes, even though the market cap now is $149 million, I still see a huge potential because Shiba Inu is $14 billion as of now, and this is not its highest yet. It’s driven up higher than this, and right now, it’s sitting at $14 billion still. So, I’m very bullish about this Q O and Predator.finance. This is basically it, it’s just another Shiba Inu coin, but this is a revised version. And yes, I know what you guys might say, “Oh, this is just a speculative coin.” Come on, I mean, if it’s not a speculative coin, it’s not going to go up that crazily. The plan is that wag me together, now we write our own destiny and last but not least is we trust in the process. So trust me, this is a cold coin, cold coins always do crazy access take a look at that Twitter, they have 62,000 followers. Not only that, but they have so many retweets. Just take a look at all their hype, all their memes. This one is funny, look at that Elon Musk, you got metallic Buddha, and you got the other, it’s really crazy. Let’s take a look at how much hype they have as of now. This is definitely underrated even sitting at $150 million. So, I can see a huge potential in the Shiba Predator, and if it does flip Shiba, and if you purchase it now, it’s basically 140X from here. But like I said, all these three picks are not financial advice. This is purely for your entertainment. If you want to take the risk, please do your own due diligence before purchasing any of these coins. But all I said, I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Smash your thumbs up, subscribe down below, turn on the notification bell. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace out.

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