Unveiling the Lightning-speed Surge Potential of This Tiny Altcoin Launch!

This content discusses a new altcoin project that could potentially see significant growth. The author emphasizes their interest in highlighting smaller projects that don’t have much market power. They mention a previous successful ICO called Pong Heroes and emphasize the importance of projects launching and building in a bear market as a sign of seriousness. The author also encourages readers to reach out if they have any projects they want him to check out. They provide some information on the Tar Wallet project, highlighting its use cases and privacy features.

This Tiny Altcoin Launch Could 100x Fast

When I say that guys, I really want to dive into this new project that was just recently brought to me, in fact, yesterday. And they’re doing an ICO. At the time you’re recording, it was actually yesterday, but it’s still going to be up for pretty soon. So again with this guys, I’m always looking at bringing the little guys to the front if they don’t have the market in power.

Bringing the Little Guys to the Front

Like I said, this altcoin launch was just brought to my attention and I do at least one of these every week or so when a project that makes sense to bring to you guys, and even myself if I want to take a look at it, if we want to participate. Now, we did this with Pong Heroes. I don’t know if you remember, a week ago, if you’ve seen this video, I forget the name of his name was John. I wrote this down because it was John something, and I don’t want to butcher his name and obviously, I don’t want to show his live Twitter account to you guys, but it was John something. So thank you for that. And yeah, Pong Heroes dudes, the effing held their ICO. So if, I think it was last Sunday, I posted this and they completely saw all time highs on their NFTs, but most importantly, they raised over 800 BNB for a little game like this with no marketing, etc. As far as I’m aware, maybe they pushed some ads out there, I’m not too sure, but 800 BNB guys, that is, what’s the price of BNB? Somebody tell me in the comments below. I think it’s like 300 or 290 or whatever the time it’s recorded, that’s 240 Grand if my maths are tingling correctly. That’s absolutely crazy, and that’s good to see for a project that’s getting down and dirty with an active community and huge plans to really expand.

Building in a Bear Market

This is what I like to see because a lot of people do not have, you know, potential. What they do is, they come in the bull market and they start launching, they start trying to get themselves rich, rather than helping me and you guys and obviously the team themselves. It’s all like a beautiful flywheel, right? Most projects you’ll see, most ICOs especially in the last bull run, they’ll launch at the start of the bull run, they’ll pump and dump, I’m not really pump and dump, they’ll just disappear and nothing really happens. If a project is launching and building in a bear market, that is what I like to see and it takes one of those major boxes because it shows that their dedication is serious because they could just wait and guarantee some success, but no, these guys are launching again. Like Pong Heroes in the last one, I’m going to talk about this new one as well.

Diving into the White Paper

So, I dug down in their white paper. If you guys have never read a white paper before, this wasn’t that terrible, but some white papers are so, so, so deadly boring. But like I said, white papers are super, super important because what you can do is you can really start to dig dive the roadmap, what they plan to do, and you can go back and you can check it. Are they actually actively fulfilling it? Like Pong Heroes, for example, yes, while they have raised a million, they’re starting to build and they’re starting to innovate, and they did that competition where they give away two grand a week. So they are starting to tick those boxes, which is good to see.

Helping the Little Guys in Crypto

Like I said, I’m always up for helping the little guys in crypto. Like I said, nobody really helped me out when I was starting this YouTube channel. I had to dig down and dig deep, and it was just actively relentlessly posting videos, sharing my opinion. If I was right or wrong, at the time it didn’t really matter because all you’re doing is sharing your opinion. If people follow, great. If people don’t, it doesn’t really matter. It’s mostly helping myself and being myself accountable with my crypto. So projects that don’t have millions of dollars in advertisements that need to just get a little bit of eyeballs on them, like I said, I’m always up for helping these guys out.

Building in a Bear Market

If there is a project you want me to check out, my Twitter DMs are always open if it makes sense. And like I said, I also respect projects building in the bear markets. It’s so unheard of. So if this is your first bear market, guys, like I said, what will happen is, all the majority of other projects, meme coins, etc. Nothing wrong with meme coins. There are some legitimate meme projects out there for sure. But we’ll see it, right? Elon’s and etc., they’ll all come in the bull market. They’ll try and make themselves a quick hundred grand. They’ll cash out. They’ll maybe buy some crypto with that. And that’s it, right? Projects are building in the bear market just like we are crypto investing in a bear market. These guys are getting down under any trenches, and this is what I like to see. It really shows that these guys are serious and it ticks boxes.

Tar Wallet ICO

So let’s discuss the project, Tar Wallet KYC and order, right? We’re going to talk about the website. We’re going to talk about how you guys can participate if you do want to participate. Remember, have your main altcoin positions first, to not go and, you know, it is exciting to see what Pong Heroes did and how successful they were with their launch, etc. And you guys can think, “Hey, I missed that one. I should have invested when Jake said.” Do not do that, guys. It’s not about FOMO. And again, not trying to bring FOMO to this table again. For me, we have to be honest. Like it is launching as of yesterday, so, you know, it’s already ready to go, especially with the coin that they, guys, are bringing as well, just like Pong Heroes. But you guys have to have your main allocations ready, right? It wouldn’t be a good lesson for me to say, “Yeah, just go and chuck 100 in this.” I think you guys are aware of that, right?

Speculating on Use Cases

And again, we do a little bit of speculation on the site when it makes sense. So here’s what I dug up on the white paper, right? They’re designed to have users choose between their favorite cryptos, right? As a coin and product form. Because if it doesn’t have use cases, I’m not going to bring it to YouTube. It needs to have use cases and it needs to have something that it can bring to the table. Because again, I’m not trying to speculate on just people buying in and then the price goes up. That’s mostly how crypto works, unfortunately, but it is what it is. But they have to have some use cases and Tar Wallet does have a lot of use cases, right? So we’re going to discuss them. So you can hold your crypto and confidently whenever you want, right? The privacy needs to be exclusive and accessible.

Tor Wallet Features

Like I said, the Tor Wallet will be available for download on March 4th, which is yesterday and posted to March 5th. Like I said, projects get brought to me last minute, and if it makes sense, I will make a video on it, and that’s what we’re doing today. So from socializing to sniping, Tor has it all. It provides the capabilities ranging from different needs. The goal is to allow access of utilities that are used within masses. And adoption has become rampant within the space. Not horrible at all. It will take this place amongst the giants, such as Ethereum and Cardano. Obviously, they’ve got their features that they do, the instant app. We’ll talk about P2B as well. So, yeah, guys, that’s the project that I want to bring to your attention. Like I said, if you have any other projects that you want me to check out, hit me up on Twitter, share it with me, and we’ll go from there. So, thank you for watching this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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