Unveiling the Highly Profitable 5 “Micro” Crypto Coins to Invest in 2023! Could They Multiply Your Investment by 100X? Get Ready for Liftoff!

The content discusses two potential micro-cap cryptocurrencies with the potential to increase in value by 100 times. The first cryptocurrency mentioned is Zen Crypto, which has seen a decrease in value due to its low minting costs. The community behind Zen Crypto is working on burning the token supply to increase its value. The second cryptocurrency mentioned is Genius (Jenny), which was created by the founder of Hex. Genius has launched on multiple blockchains and offers different staking options. The content advises doing thorough research and emphasizes that investing in these micro-cap coins carries high risk.


Would you like to 100x your money with cryptocurrency? Does this sound too good to be true? In today’s video, I’m gonna be sharing with you a hidden altcoin gem that I believe is set to explode and that I think has 100x potential. And the best part is, this cryptocurrency hasn’t even hit the market yet, giving you the chance to get in first. But please understand that I am not a financial advisor. In full disclosure, I do own some of the coins I’m going to be speaking about in today’s video.

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Diving into Five Micro Cap Altcoins

So we’re gonna dive right into five micro cap altcoins. These are super high risk, high rewards, so make sure to do your research and never risk more than you can afford to lose. But I have a very special guest to give you two altcoins, and I’m gonna give you three. But I am really excited about this very first one. I’ve mentioned it as soon as it listed back in October. Now please understand about this crypto, there’s a lot of details and there’s so much growing, but your first coin is going to be Zen Crypto. That’s right, Zen Crypto.

The Potential of Zen Crypto

If you look at the chart, Zen has gone down a lot from its all-time high, but the reason why Zen has gone down is because you can actually mint this cryptocurrency for just a few dollars in gas costs and then sell it as soon as that mint becomes available, as soon as it matures. And a lot of people have minted and sold and have played this game and have done incredibly well for themselves. Now, Zen also just launched something called Zen NFTs. I’m actually going to be talking with the founder of Zen here in future videos, so make sure to smash that like button, click the subscribe button, hit the notification bell so that you don’t forget about it. And if you want to learn more about this, you’re going to love those videos coming up so you get all the details. But this community is growing like crazy. Zen right now is sitting at a 10 million dollar market cap. That’s right, 10 million dollar market cap. 0.00002. And with so much coming with this crypto, I think it’s set to explode for a few reasons.

Integration of Zen NFTs and Burning Zen

Number one, with these NFTs, you actually have to burn the amount of Zen to get some of these higher tiers and they’re called “apexes”. I’m so excited about this because what this community and the founder has realized is that there’s basically this eight-year long airdrop journey where you can mint Zen and more and more of it is just going to be coming into circulation. So when people mint and sell and mint and sell, this basically drives the price down. And what I’m seeing though is that for this to stop happening, Zen and their community is finding new ways to burn Zen, basically taking supply off of the market. Designing NFTs is the first integration of this. They’re looking at creating an L1 blockchain so basically you’re going to use this new Zen token as gas fees so that too can be a way that we can burn Zen. So a lot more details about how this is going to happen. You’re basically going to take your current Zen on whatever chain you want and then you get to burn that and then it goes on to the new chain. I’m seeing other projects as well, and I’m going to be sharing about these that I’ve actually already shared in my online class with my VIP community. I’m excited about a lot of these projects because there’s this entire ecosystem that’s happening with Zen, and it’s only the beginning. It’s only a few months old, and the price right now, I don’t think is a reflection of what is actually happening. You see in crypto, the amount of users, the community, and how the crypto is set up is so important, and this is a fair crypto. It was fairly launched. Anyone can mint this. That to me is everything, and that is why I wanted to share Zen right off the bat.

Hex and the Genius Token

But if Ethereum’s gas fees spike towards the upside, this is where minting and selling actually doesn’t make sense. And this is where we’ve seen with the price, it went up 5 to 10x during the FTX collapse, and everyone was selling and getting rid of the Ethereum, and Ethereum gas fees went super high. So there’s a lot of game theory, there’s a lot to talk about with this Zen crypto, but I think the founder is absolutely someone who understands a lot of crypto and how to build communities, and as someone who is just giving back to this incredible community and building something very special. So one not to sleep on is definitely Zen. More updates with that crypto on this channel. But Jerry, I’ve talked enough. Tell me one of your micro cap gems right now and the next potential 100x and why you think it could get there.

Introducing the Genius Token

Joe, you’ve sold me on Zen. I need to think about that some more. And now it’s my turn to give you, the community, something. I know you love HEX. You buy what HEX really low and stake it. There’s a project called Genius or Jenny (G-E-N-I) which just launched recently. I’ve known the founder. He’s the one Robert Janito. He actually got me into Bitcoin in 2014, and he was huge into HEX when it first launched. And he tried to get me to buy HEX when it was really low, and he obviously got frustrated and annoyed with a lot of the downsides of HEX. And he’s made his own Genius smart contract, and he’s deployed it on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and on Binance Smart Chain. He did an airdrop for it. I’ve already put 300 into it. I gave him a 300 deposit when he was just getting the idea for this. And I’ve already sold 15,000 before it even launched. And now I’ve got the airdrop. I’ve got 7 million Jenny on four different blockchains. So if anyone who likes HEX, it’s Genius or thegeniustoken.com. This, to me, is a no-brainer. If you like HEX, it’s worth taking a look at and maybe putting a little bit into because if it does even a little bit as well as HEX did, it’s got a lot of upside. The founder is very they. I’ve watched them build the telegram from almost nobody to 3,000 people in it. He’s got a fantastic community. I’m glad I’ve already got millions of Jenny, and I immediately staked mine for a year. He’s got an advanced miner and a simple miner. So in HEX, you just put it in and stake it. There’s just one way to do it. With Jenny, you can do a basic miner, which is for simple, you put it in, you can’t lose any of your principle. Then there’s the advanced miner where you put it in for exactly how long, and if you take it out early, you lose a massive amount. And if you forget it, you can lose it too. The advanced miner is very attractive. It’s currently earning like eight percent APY on it. So Genius to me is if you’re into HEX, it’s a great micro cap play, easy potential 100x or more.


Awesome, Jerry! I will definitely take a look at that crypto. I love putting my money to work and I love delaying gratification for potential exponential gains. Thank you for sharing your insights. With Zen Crypto and the Genius Token, we have two exciting micro cap altcoins with high growth potential. Remember to do your research and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a high-risk endeavor, but the rewards can be astronomical. Stay tuned for more updates and content on these projects and happy investing!

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