Unveiling the Game-Changing Airdrop to Outshine Uniswap & DyDx – Can You Score Millions in Rewards?

In this content, the author announces that this is the last episode shot in a studio in Chico, California, and the next episodes will be shot either in a studio in Lisbon, Portugal, or on the streets of Lisbon. They discuss the recent performance of Bitcoin, which broke $57,000 but couldn’t break $58,000 and subsequently dipped below $55,000. The author mentions the importance of leverage in Bitcoin’s price movement and discusses the dominance of derivatives in the crypto market. They also talk about the predictions made by Mr. Plan B, creator of the Stock to Flow model, who believes that Bitcoin will surpass $135,000. The author speculates on upcoming altcoin airdrops, particularly from ZK rollups, with a focus on ZkSync and its potential token distribution to the community. They also mention TrustSwap, a blockchain tool provider, and their recent sponsorship of UFC fighter Amanda Nunes.

The Last Episode in Chico California

Egg yolk, to all those silly sally viewers of the tube. This is the last episode, I will be shooting in this studio back in Chico California.

Studio or Outside?

Next time you will see me, I’ll either be in a studio in Lisbon Portugal, or I just Might shoot my videos out on the streets of Lisbon, like I used to do when I lived in Miami. How should I shoot: studio or outside? Let me know in the comments & I’ll do what the viewers decide.

Bitcoin’s Recent Performance

Well all I have to say is Bitcoin better not be a bummer for my first few days in Lisbon! Because the past couple of days, it has been a bummer. Bitcoin broke $57,000 for the 1st time since May…but it couldn’t break 58.

Leverage Traders and Liquidations

The crash from its high was a fall of 3000 buckeroos, or about a 5.2 percent decrease. A pretty hefty fall, but…it didn’t do much damage to traders who are leveraging. Checking out bybt and total liquidations, on the 12th there was 173 million in Long liquidations, and yesterday there was 131 million.

Bitcion’s Price Movements Now

So, as much as I hate to say it…Leverage is the major control of Bitcoin’s price movements now. It’s where the majority of the volume is….over 50 percent.

Spot and Derivatives Volume

Checking out Coingecko, Binance is the top spot crypto exchange with just over 26.2 billion in 24-hour volume, and as we can see above, there is over 135.7 billion in total spot volume, on both Dex’s and Centralized exchanges. Well switching over to derivatives, we can see the top exchange is once again Binance, but their derivative volume is over 78.8 billion.

Price Predictions and Altcoin Airdrops

Mr. Plan B, the creator of the Stock to Flow model, and price predictor extraordinaire was just on the Maxi pad Pomp Podcast discussing his model, and predictions. Let’s listen in… Surprised below 100k by the end of the year. The Bull continues into q1 2022, and it will even surpass 135k…up to whatever soccer flakes are, but he said 288k? Can you say BULLISH!? So, another altseason MUST go on…and I have a feeling there is going to be some special altcoin airdrops before the end of the year.

Potential Airdrop from ZkSync

I recently predicted Optimisim will be the first oprimitsic rollup, out of the 2 most popular which includes the tokenless Arbitrum…to Airdrop a token to users on the rollup…and I still think that is coming this year… But I do think another rollup is going to airdrop some tokens to users…so are you Talking about Arbitrum? Well, no I don’t think they need to. If we go to l2 beat, which tracks TVL of ethereum layer 2’s, we can see Arbitrum is dominating tokenless. It has $2.1 billion locked up and up over 32 percent over the past 7 days. That is nearly 9x the size of Optimism’s TVL, resulting in a market share of over 61 percent. So I don’t think it’s another Optimistic Rollup who will be doing airdrop, I personally think it will be one of the Zero Knowledge, ZK rollups doing one!

Possible Airdrop from ZKSync

Who on the ZK list could it be, DYDX already dropped which I predicted as well, loopring already has had a token, zkswap too, in my opinion, it’s going to be a big, future upcoming player in the l2 space…zksync! So why do I think this? Well ZkSync has already announced a token!! Back in December of 2019 they posted this blog “Introducing zkSync: the missing link to mass adoption of Ethereum” This blog was the introduction of the testnet, and in it they said “Guardians comprise the majority of ZK Sync token holders who stake their token share to nominate validators. The purpose of Guardians is to monitor peer-to-peer transaction traffic, detect censorship behavior, and ensure validators caught censoring are not nominated. Guardians are rewarded with fees from the Validators denominated in the ZK Sync native token. Their earnings and stakes are locked for a prolonged period of time, to incentivize the Prioritization of long-term ZK Sync token value over short-term returns.”

Airdrop Possibility for ZKSync

A ZK Sync native token is coming…which is confirmed in the rollups documentation. It says in the Tokenomics sections. “Will ZK Sync have a native token? Yes!” and then below that the question is asked – When? How can I get the token? They say “Our efforts and focus have been so far dedicated for the development of zkSync and its security” And they give links for their socials for updates. So why do I think they are going to do an airdrop? Well, they basically did in the past in their documentation and tokenomics section. Using Wayback Machine, and going to that specific page, as we can see under the question: When? How can I get the token? They said “We intend to distribute the majority of the network government rights to our community. Please follow our news to get all the important updates”. Distribute the majority of network government rights to the community. If that’s not words for a community airdrop, I don’t know what is!

TrustSwap Sponsored Segment

But before we get into that, it’s time for a sponsored segment of this video supported by the team over at TrustSwap, and like always the full details of our agreement can be found below!

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