Unveiling the Amazing Tool Kit of DeFi Skeletons: Experience the Massive Utility of this BSC Gem!

In this video about cryptocurrency, the host introduces the project Defy Skeletons, which is a multi-platform project in the crypto space that provides benefits to holders and users. The project has a dapp for staking, NFTs, and trading assets. The host showcases the art of the NFTs and the ease of trading on their website, which allows users to directly buy cryptocurrency with a Visa debit or credit card. The project supports the Binance Smart Chain and staking, with a minimum stake period of 10 days and a minimum stake amount of 50 Skeleton tokens. The host demonstrates how to stake Skeleton tokens for rewards.

Defy Skeletons: A Deep Dive into the Multi-Platform Crypto Space


Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video. My name is Moonlight and thank you all so much for watching today’s video.

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The Project Worth Following

Today’s video is going to be discussing a project that I’ve done a previous video on, now currently called Defy Skeletons. This project, in particular, has a lot of potential with all the utilities they currently have. They have their own swap out, their own rug checker, and it’s currently live where you can actually purchase the actual skeleton token because that’s what you’re going to need in order to access some of the exclusive features.


I’m not a financial advisor; not a financial expert of any sorts. Take this video as education and entertainment only.

Platform Overview

Defy Skeletons is a multi-platform in the crypto space that provides a lot of benefits to the holders and users of their actual platform. Currently, you can launch their actual dApps and get into staking as well as NFTs that look like actual art.

Open C

I’m following up on their Open C first because I do actually have their actual NFTs up here that I wanted to touch base on. The designs on these NFTs were pretty well done, and it’s actual art.

Token Swap and Purchase

You can swap over your BNB for skeleton tokens through their very own swap mechanism. Defy Skeletons also allows you to buy crypto directly on their website with your actual debit card or credit card.

Portfolio Tracker and Staking

The project offers a portfolio tracker where you can connect or paste your wallet for maximum visibility and portfolio management. Staking with Defy Skeletons is a great source of passive income.


Defy Skeletons is a fantastic project that offers a lot of potential and utilities to its users and holders. However, keep in mind that this is not financial advice. Always do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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