Unveiling Melody: The Gamechanger for Music in WEB3

Melody is a web3 lifestyle application that combines gaming and social elements. Players can equip themselves with NFTs such as microphones, headphones, and karaoke rooms. In-game earnings can be obtained through singing, listening to music, and scoring. Tokens earned can be used in the game or cashed out. Melody also offers governance tokens and game tokens. The white paper provides detailed information about the project. The platform will have different game modes, including singing, listening, and karaoke. The roadmap outlines the project’s plans for market research, website launch, NFT market launch, and collaborations with music brands. The project aims to launch a music game tournament and collaborations with famous singers by 2022. They also have plans for online concerts and music festivals in 2023.

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Introduction to Melody

Now today we’re going to be talking about melody as you guys can see right here the genesis collection now if you guys do want to take a look at anything really related to melody we’re going to link all of the information in the Description of the video for your convenience

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About Melody

Now melody what do we see when we get on to melody we’re gonna see that they have a sick backdrop black couple things Moving the top tabs we’d love to see connect the wallet you guys gonna be able to see that there’s a couple different ways to connect the wallet so that’s gonna be really convenient we’re gonna see that they have the white paper as well so what is melody we have a Great explanation so melody is a web3 lifestyle application system that fully combines game fi and social fi players can equip themselves with nft in the form of microphone headphones and karaoke room in-game earnings can be obtained by singing listening music and scoring as well as karaoke room using In-game tokens can be used continuously in the game or cash for earnings so that’s really the idea of melody and obviously it says it a bit in the name now for those of you who are interested they do have some nfts the microphone the headphone and the karaoke room That’s the online version coming soon for the latter two and obviously the microphone being available already economic model we’re gonna see what they’re about governance token sns we’re gonna see if they actually have it it’s pretty cool the sns token it’s kind of cool how they did that and then they Have the game token so two of them the sgs so that’s sing game show so it’s really cool how they have both of them and obviously they have a little description for both of those and this is pretty much all the information that you guys are gonna see when you guys are Going through the white paper the white paper guys i cannot stress it enough as always it’s one of the most important parts of your research when you’re looking to get involved in a project like this and we’re gonna see the different game modes singing mode song listening mode karaoke mode as i Mentioned how these mechanisms work these mechanisms work the single player mode has an upper limit of daily powerpoint and daily token reward which limit the number of powerpoints and tokens that players can get every single day now obviously the different games are going to have specific things to Them so obviously be sure to understand that we have a bit about the market the community ecological construction and future planning so it gives you a good idea of what they’re doing right now and what they’re going to be going through later on we go back to the website we’re Going to see first step and step two so first step is have your own microphone step two enjoy your melody sync to earn as i mentioned that’s pretty much what we’re looking to do and you guys can cash in on that stuff so it’s really Nice to see that you know it’s there to make you money they have a video explaining a lot of it so if you guys want to check it out be sure to press on that play button and genesis limited nfts as i mentioned they do have some nfts are released the microphone nfts Access to puff alpha group early access to sync to earn platform priority get sns tokens from sync to earn platforms privileged to whitelist and future airdrop slots and access to virtual clubhouse in metaphors so it’s really cool again right here we have another video kind of explaining what the Project is about what they’re doing and what they’re offering that is different to other projects that might not be really releasing what melody is able to release generative nft so after the genesis collection the microphone nfts can only be generated by genesis microphone so that’s important to know Listen and download enjoy music anywhere anytime in the melody app get rewarded by singing and make your voice valuable so as we’ve been mentioning since the beginning of the video you guys are gonna be able to use your voice to get some of those tokens and generate income for yourselves obviously that’s what We’re after at the end of the day we really want to be making money at least that’s what i want to be doing and i know many of you are on the same page now as i mentioned the app is going to be coming soon so that’s why we can’t Press it right now but you guys are gonna see what they’re gonna be about right here i like the whole backdrop it’s not boring it’s very intuitive as you can see and we can see a bit of what we’re gonna be expecting out of the songs we interact with now we have the Road map right here we’re gonna see that in quarter of 2022 they had the market research project initiation the second quarter of 22 release of the white of the website and white paper launch of igo genesis nft and staking online nft market online third quarter of 2022 so We’re getting into this right now the melody alpha and official launch melody available on app store melody available on google play melody token list on dex and cex melody phase one beta collaboration with leading music brands so we can see that already in quarter three this is going to be popping this Is going to be booming and this is when you don’t really want to be missing out on it because as soon as all of this hits you can miss that huge height that we don’t want to be missing out especially given the market is slowly coming back into it you really don’t Want to be missing out on it these are very very important and crucial times quarter 4 of 2022 the launch of music game tournament famed singers on board with original works collaboration with celebrated musicians as well so by quarter four you guys can see that they’re already striving for all the way To the top don’t want to be jumping in on it when it’s already too late obviously we want to get into it when it’s pretty fresh finally 2023 we can see what they’re all about online concerts music festival note special moments note idle singer note as well And we can see exactly what they’re about in the metaverse music singing mode as i mentioned listening mode and the karaoke mode those are the three important modes that they have currently that they’re going to be working on as i mentioned a couple of these to be further developed but the singing mode As i mentioned is the very important one the ones that you guys are really going to be keeping an eye out for now if you want to learn more about melody and their offerings be sure to check out their website and explore their white paper for a thorough understanding of their project.


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