Unveiling Fink: The Ultimate Doge Coin Killer – Discover the Binance Gem Token that’s 1000X the NFT Meme!

This content is a video introduction to a project called Finkycoin, which is described as a fully decentralized and deflationary meme token. The project includes an NFT marketplace, free browser-based games for kids, and other features. The token has automatic liquidity ads and a deflationary supply, which are intended to increase its value and decrease volatility. The roadmap includes plans for partnerships, media coverage, and listings on exchanges. The content suggests that investing in this project could result in significant profit but also highlights the risk involved in trading digital assets. Social media links and instructions for buying the token are provided.

Introduction: Introducing Finkycoin – Another Trusted Project

Hey guys, I’m Pablo and in this video, I’m going to introduce you to another awesome project called Finkycoin. With the recent influx of scam projects, we want to ensure that we only bring you the most trusted projects. In this video, we will cover how this project works and provide all the necessary details. However, please note that this is not investment advice, and the decision to invest is entirely up to you.

The Finkycoin Website: Fully Decentralized and Deflationary Meme Token

Let’s start by visiting the Finkycoin website, finkeycoin.com, where we can find all the information we need. Finkycoin is a fully decentralized and deflationary meme token that has grown into a vibrant ecosystem. It offers various features such as an NFT marketplace to buy artwork and photography of the Finkies, as well as free browser-based Finky games for kids.

Features of Finkycoin: Automatic Liquidity Ads and Deflationary Supply

Finkycoin implements several protocols and features to enhance its value and stability. One of these features is automatic liquidity ads, which create an increasing price floor and reduce volatility. Additionally, Finkycoin has a deflationary supply, meaning that a portion of the token supply will be burned, ultimately increasing the value of the coin. The protocol also includes automatic LP and RFI static rewards, allowing holders to make a profit by simply holding the coin in their wallets.

Pinky Coin: The Perfect Dogecoin Killer

Pinkycoin, also known as “Finkycoin,” is the first Binance Smart chain meme token. It aims to be the perfect Dogecoin killer, offering a BP20-only token that can remain well under a penny and quickly gain popularity. Finkycoin is also listed and incentivized on their NFT art marketplace. The name “Finky” comes from the breed of dog known as Finnish Spitz, which is highly intelligent. This breed’s intelligence reflects the project’s emphasis on decentralization and independent thinking.

The Finkycoin Ecosystem and Roadmap

Finkycoin offers a range of products and utilities within its ecosystem. These include Finky Art, Finky Photo, Finky NFT, and Finky Games. These services leverage the Finkycoin token, and the protocol triggers static rewards and other mechanisms to help users maximize their profits.

The Finkycoin roadmap outlines their plans for the future. In Quarter 2 of 2021, they launched Finkycoin, conducted their first token burn, set up social media accounts, and activated the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. They also published a white paper, began paid social media marketing, and submitted applications to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for listing. In Quarter 3, they plan to partner with artists and professional photographers for their NFT art marketplace, as well as launch a browser-based Finky game for kids.

How to Buy Finkycoin

Buying Finkycoin is simple. They recommend using the Trust Wallet, and there are plenty of tutorials available to guide you through the process. Links to their social media channels and community details can be found in the video description.

Conclusion: Potential for Profit with Finkycoin

Finkycoin presents a solid project with a focus on maximizing profit while minimizing risks. With their deflationary supply and various features, Finkycoin offers a promising opportunity for investors. To stay informed about their latest updates and innovations, make sure to follow their Telegram pages and join the community. Remember, trading digital assets involves risk, so it’s important to fully understand the risks involved before investing.

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