“Unlocking the Future: 2 Micro Cap Crypto with Sky-High Potential to Keep on Your Radar in 2023!”

The author believes that the top two maker caps to watch out for in 2023 are YourFullGaming and SushiSwap. They acknowledge that investing in micro caps is risky, but believe that the next build run has the potential to change lives. YourFullGaming is expected to perform extremely well, with the previous build run seeing it launch and make many people rich, but also leaving some buyers at a loss. SushiSwap is viewed as having a great use case, but with fewer potential gains compared to YourFullGaming, as it reached a $2.9 billion market cap in its last run. The author advises checking out coins under a $100 million market cap.

Top Two Maker Caps to Watch Out for in 2023

2021 was a year of Bill runs that changed people’s lives, but also left many wrecked. However, with the anticipated Build run of 2023, there are two maker caps to watch out for with high potential. Investing in micro caps comes with a lot of risks, but the next Build run has the power to change your life.

Number one on the list is Your Full Gaming, a maker cap that launched and performed exceptionally well in the previous Build run. With gains of up to thousand or 100x, it made people absolutely rich. However, those who bought it at the top got wrecked as well. Most of these coins are currently at 95 down, but Your Full Gaming has the potential to do phenomenally well.

Number two is Sushi Swap, a maker cap that many of us are already aware of. In the previous run, it boasted a phenomenal use case, but the gains of this coin may not match up compared to others if it does well. It reached 2.9 billion, which is a 10x of its previous run. Given its previous performance, investing in Sushi Swap is still very risky.

As such, it’s important to take care when investing in maker caps, especially those worth less than 100 million dollars in market cap. Yet, if done well, it has the potential to transform your life. So why not check out these two maker caps and see if they’re right for you? Happy investing!

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