“Unlocking Crypto Secrets: Mastering Portfolio Management for Successful Trades – Join Us for the Live Discussion!”

In a live stream, crypto influencer Foreign discusses portfolio management for the next crypto bull run with Crypto SEF. While not revealing all of his portfolio, Foreign highlights the potential of mid-cap tokens such as Quan and Algorand, both of which have institutional backing. Quan is touted as having massive potential due to its interoperability, while Algorand is praised for its scalability and carbon neutrality. Foreign believes that both tokens could easily achieve over 50x growth in the next bull run. The stream also discusses other mid-cap tokens outside of the top 30, which Foreign considers the definition of mid-cap.

Portfolio Management with Crypto SEF: Evaluating Mid-Cap Cryptos


Hello everyone and welcome to another live stream on my Channel. Today we’re going to be going over portfolio management with Crypto SEF.

Setting Up a Portfolio for the Next Bull Run

Make sure to check out his channel as we’ll be going over portfolio management and setting up a Portfolio for the next Bull Run. Obviously, I’ve got a patreon and in that patreon, I give away access to my portfolio so I can’t share everything. Nevertheless, I will be going over some mid-cap gems that we will be discussing today.

Evaluating Mid-Cap Cryptos

We’re mainly going to be discussing mid-caps but we will also be discussing other size cryptos as well. So, let’s go through this. I’ve constructed here a little list of some mid-caps, and I’m going to be going through each one of these with Crypto Surf and he can share his views on each one.


Let’s start straight off with Quan. I think Quant has an incredible amount of potential. I don’t know if you could class Quant as a mid-cap. It’s more of a high-cap, but nevertheless, I put it in this list because I think the gains that Quant could do could be similar to a high-cap to a mid-cap. What are your thoughts on Quant Crypto Surf?


Let’s also look at Algorand since this is another one that could easily go on to do 50x Plus in the next Bull Run. I think this is a blockchain that’s going to have so much utility, so much institutional use. What are your thoughts?


In conclusion, these are two solid picks to have in your portfolio. Some people argue that Algorand is the perfect blockchain to offer carbon zero, truly decentralized, and scalable. However, a solid blockchain that I believe is going to do well is Quant. It is ISO compliant, which is very, very good. Once regulation comes in, a lot of these cryptocurrencies are going to go to zero. So, it’s a reliable pick that’s going to have insane gains. That is why it is on this portfolio, and both of these cryptos have strong institutional backing. Thank you for tuning in! Don’t forget to check out Crypto SEF’s channel and leave a like and subscribe to this channel.


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