Unlock Top Earnings with HyperVault’s Revolutionary Staking Platform and Locking System!

Moonlight introduces a new staking platform called Hypervault that offers high APY percentages. It is kyc verified and security audited, adding trust and validity to the project. By locking tokens in the Hypervault, users can earn up to a 3x standard APY. The project is on the Binance smart chain with low fees. Moonlight provides a walkthrough of the Hypervault dashboard, where users can track and invest their tokens. The potential return can reach up to 79,731%, but market conditions and volatility affect the APY percentage. Moonlight reminds viewers to take this as educational content and not financial advice.

Staking with Hypervault – A Guide to Passive Income in Cryptocurrency


Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video. My name is Moonlight, and in today’s video, we will be discussing staking and a particular staking platform that has caught my attention.

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Staking for Passive Income

Staking has become a popular way of earning passive income in the world of cryptocurrency, with many projects offering high APY percentages ranging from 100,000% up to millions. However, with so many rug pulls and scams in the space, it’s essential to choose a reliable staking platform that is kyc verified and security audited.

Hypervault Staking Platform

One such platform that caught my attention is Hypervault, the first high-yield auto staking auto compounding protocol with an added locking vault feature. By locking your tokens in one of the Hypervaults, you can earn up to a 3x standard APY. The platform is Kyc verified and audited by Contract Checker, adding more trust and validity to the project.

Dashboard and Pre-Sale

The Hypervault platform is currently on the Binance Smart Chain, with low fees and a fixed APY percentage of 501.652%. The pre-sale is coming soon, and you can stay updated with the social media channels for more information. The platform also offers a calculator and a Hyper Swap feature where you can swap your tokens for Hypervault.


Staking is a great way to earn passive income, but it’s essential to choose a reliable platform like Hypervault. Keep in mind that trading crypto is risky, and staking has a permanent loss. Take this as educational content, and always do your research before investing in any project.

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