Unlock the Secrets of Trading and Swapping Crypto with Bitget Tutorial

BitLab Academy is introducing the fastest growing crypto trading platform Bitget, which offers an easy-to-use platform for all your crypto trading needs. Bitget offers 384 different cryptocurrencies to choose from and is 100% transparent about their proof of reserves, which they publish on a monthly basis to prove their solvency. Bitget’s website defines proof of reserves as an auditing procedure which uses cryptographic proofs, checks of public wallet ownerships, and recurring audits to certify the holdings of an exchange. Additionally, Bitget offers a security protection fund of $2 million, which will grow to $3 million, to pay back all users in case of a hack.


Hey! What’s up, everyone? My name is Ajwritescrypto. And welcome to BitLab Academy! In this lesson, we will be taking a deep dive into the fastest growing crypto trading platform in the world— Bitget. This easy to use, comprehensive platform is a one-stop shop for all your crypto trading needs.

Why choose Bitget?

With 384 different crypto coins to choose from, no wonder over 2 million traders worldwide choose Bitget. The thing that makes me the most bullish on Bitget, besides the fact that it’s my favorite place to leverage trade, is that they are 100% transparent about their proof of reserves.

What is Proof of Reserves?

The Bitget website defines proof of reserves as an auditing procedure that is verifiable through cryptographic proofs, checks of public wallet ownerships and recurring audits to certify the holdings of an exchange. In layman terms, it means that they have the money that they say they have. And they publish their Merkle tree on a monthly basis to prove it.

Why is this important?

If you’re going to trade on an exchange, make sure that you do it on one that has verifiable funding. Listen. If you just want to buy crypto and wait for years and years, which is totally okay, my suggestion would be to store your crypto on a cold wallet. But if you want to create an optimal strategy to maximize profits trading crypto, At least do that on Bitget where you know your funds are safe.

Registration Process

So here we are at bitget.com. You’re going to go to Sign Up. You’re going to enter an email address. You’re going to make up a password. And then you’re going to click Sign Up right there. As you can see on my computer, it says that my location is in Germany. Well, we all know that I’m in Georgia. The reason it says that is because I’m running a VPN. Anytime you’re doing any financial exchanges or trading crypto online, I highly suggest that you use a VPN. In the world of crypto, there’s no such thing as being too safe. And you should take every precaution you can to protect yourself.

Exploring Bitget’s Platform

Anytime you make a new account in crypto, you want to spend a couple of minutes going over the site to familiarize yourself with everything so you know where you’re at. Here’s the proof of reserve thing that I was talking about That shows that they have all the money that they say they have, which is pretty rare on a crypto exchange, to be honest. It should be standard. Here’s the Bitget security protection fund. So, basically, there’s $2 million in this wallet. They will eventually have $3 million in this wallet. So if anyone ever gets hacked, or anything like that happens, they will pay back all of their users in full. They have affiliate programs and referral programs. So you can make some extra crypto for telling your friends to join Bitget. They have reward centers, Like you get $3 to enter KYC, if you put a certain amount of money in futures trading, your first deposit bonus, copy trading, spot trading. There’s over $4,100 that you can make.

How to use Bitget

I personally choose to not do KYC when I don’t have to. Yes, I have to pay a little bit more trading fees and it lowers my withdrawal limit, but in crypto, security is very important, and anytime you don’t have to tell them everything about yourself, just don’t. Keep in mind, if you wanted to buy crypto directly off Bitget, You will have to KYC to do so. But I prefer to just send myself crypto from another exchange to fund the account.

Also, to check the markets on Bitget, you just go up here click Markets. You can kind of scroll through, check the prices. You can find what coin you’re looking for if there’s a certain coin, like, do they have ICP? Yep, they have ICP. And you click on it. And then you will go straight to the chart.

It’s very easy to find the coin you want to trade. If you want to buy crypto from Bitget, you could do that right here from a third party, or you can set up your bank account. How I do it is go to Deposit. And, say, I wanted to send myself some Bitcoin, you click the chain, click Bitcoin, And then you copy this address. And then if you go to your Ledger or Coinbase, wherever you keep it, you would paste this address into the withdraw and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have your crypto.

Another thing that I like about Bitget is that it’s just not another trading platform. It’s also a sort of social network where influencers can post their trading setups and you can follow them on Bitget. Or you can even become an influencer.


Overall, Bitget is a safe and comprehensive platform for all your crypto trading needs. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive trading tools, you can maximize your profits while trading with confidence, knowing that your funds are secure.

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