“Unlock the Secrets of the Forgotten Chain: MMORPG Game on BSC with Whitelist Giveaway, NFT Sale, and ICO”

The video introduces the Forgotten Chain, a legitimate and valuable project with various benefits, including a player in-game, NFTs, and concepts. The project’s native token is called Forgotten Coin, which can be used to purchase lands and receive rewards. The project draws inspiration from the real world and allows players to transform their in-game progress into conventional currency by creating an active economy backed by the Forgotten Coin. NFTs in-game will have ownership and real value, with different perks and benefits both in and outside of the game. The Forgotten Chain is an MMORPG game set in a fantasy medieval world divided into three kingdoms: Tariyah, Jacare, and Zyta. The video covers the details of the project and the upcoming ICO and NFT sale, with a giveaway of 100 whitelist allocations for early viewers. It is emphasized that the video does not provide investment or financial advice, and investors should conduct their own research.

Introduction to The Forgotten Chain: A Legitimate and Solid Project


Hey guys, Pablo here, and welcome to a brand new video. In this video, I’ll be introducing a very awesome and legitimate project, called The Forgotten Chain. It’s a matter of project, and we have a player in-game. It is an MMORPG game, and we have NFTs, players, and concepts that we’ll be discussing in this video.

Project Details

We’re going to cover all the details about The Forgotten Chain, including their ICO at the end of this month and their NFT sale, which offers discounted NFTs up to 25% off. There’s also an exclusive opportunity for you as the audience- a giveaway of 100 whitelist allocations. I’ll be giving you guys the link, so make sure you use that specific link. Because of this, you’ll get 100 whitelist allocations for being subscribers and supporters.

The project itself is impressive. We have trailers, it’s a very valuable project, and it has a lot of benefits. As early subscribers, we get everything at discounts, which is a big advantage. By looking at the project, you can tell that it holds significant potential to be big in the future.

Forgotten Coin

The native or official token of The Forgotten Chain is called Forgotten Coin or FTC. It’s used in everything in this project, from buying lands to getting rewarded, making it the central player in the project. The more places this token is utilized by the users, the more successful the project will be.

Gameplay Details

The Forgotten Chain is an MMORPG set in a fantasy medieval world, with three kingdoms that fight with each other for resources and land. As players, we can choose which kingdom to fight for and compete against. Our first installment in The Forgotten Chain is Forgotten Chain, an MMORPG set in a fantasy medieval world that will have a world split into three kingdoms, namely Tariyah, Jacare, and Zyta.

The world is filled with mystical energies, dangerous creatures, and always in need of a new hero to rid the world of its dangers and bring his kingdom to the top. The gameplay concept is captivating for game enthusiasts, especially for those who play MMORPGs and are fans of this genre.


That concludes our introduction to The Forgotten Chain, a legitimate and solid project with a lot of benefits and potential growth in the future. Always remember that this is not an investment or financial advice. It’s best to do your research before investing. Watch the video until the end to get a complete idea of the project, its details, and how to take advantage of the exclusive opportunity that is being offered. Thank you for watching, and make sure to check out the description for all the links to the project’s social media.

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