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Jim Crypto provides an update on the Satoshi Island cryptocurrency pre-sale. The project offers the opportunity to own a piece of the real island and its associated token. There will be a 48-hour pre-sale on the Tencent Gen Launch platform, followed by a 24-hour sale for unsold tokens. Additionally, there will be an NFT sale associated with the land on the island. Jim Crypto discusses the option to extend membership on the Tencent Gen Launch platform by locking 1,000 additional tokens. He emphasizes the potential for high returns and the reliability of the platform. He also mentions the cost of participating and the limited availability of spots for new subscribers. Jim Crypto encourages interested individuals to join the 10set Telegram group for more information.


What’s up you guys jim crypto here and i’m back with a cryptocurrency pre-sale update for satoshi island that’s right guys i made a video about satoshi island a few days ago now i have some huge updates for you guys that want to participate on the biggest cryptocurrency pre-sale of 2022 this is Satoshi island it’s a real island and you guys can own a piece of the island and the associated token so let’s go and check out this project.

About Satoshi Island

So this is the amazing satoshi island once again guys this is the real island and there’s two things going on with that the Cryptocurrency pre-sale so you guys can buy the cryptocurrency token and then they have associate nfts that you guys can buy and when the nfts are associated with pieces of the land on the island and you guys will be able to build on the island so this video on the homepage Is going to tell you guys everything and i recovered most of this in my last video here you guys can see a zoom in or flight direct of the actual island right over here but today guys i want to focus mainly on like the latest updates for satoshi island cryptocurrency pre-sale As well how you guys can join it so let’s go over right here.

Satoshi Island Pre-sale on Tencent Gen

So this is going to be on the 10-set gen launch platform and if you guys are not familiar with it definitely go to the tencent website and you guys will be able to find out more information here You guys can see the jams and tencent is responsible for launching some of the biggest projects ever so right here they’re launching satoshi island and the pre-sale is going to be happening on august the 8th and they have launched other cryptocurrency projects that reach very high all-time highs including fame Mma you have every dome you have meta hero kang exchange with extremely high all-time highs when you guys participate on the cryptocurrency pre-sale on these amazing projects so with satoshi island cryptocurrency pre-sale i anticipate the same thing so let’s go and take a closer look at this okay.

The Pre-sale Details

So basically you have The cryptocurrency pre-sale right here this is the launch and here is the official days once again august the 8th 48 hour sale and this is exclusive tencep gem launch platform and you guys will get a fair share and of course then they’re gonna have it open to everyone For 24 hours later for any unsold tokens then they’re gonna have an nft sale and this is associated with the land and it’s first come first served and this one a few nft projects that correspond to real physical land on the island that you guys will own you guys will be able To build on the island and so on and so forth so let’s focus on this right tencep gen launch platform so right now they have a couple of things going on if you guys are already a member of the tencent gen launch platform you can lock 1000 additional tokens and extended 265 Days.

Token Locking and Membership Extension

So as you see right here this is one of the wallets that have the 10 step gen launch platform and my membership or subscription is going to end on september the 15th of this year so i’m going to extend it for one more year by Locking 1000 tokens and you guys can get 10 sep on pancake swap and here’s 10 set on coin market cap as you see right here is three dollars and about 49 cents a token so it’s a little bit pricey but it’s definitely one of the biggest cryptocurrency projects that have been Around for a long time as you see 10 set and if you look at the charts for 10 set it goes all the way back to april of 2021 so definitely one of the few cryptocurrency projects you don’t see any pumps and dumps very reliable very Good returns and that is why i have been involved in all of the cryptocurrency launches that tencent has been involved in 24 hour volume of 845 000 and i believe tensor is just going to get so much bigger and better and is audited by Certain and so on and so forth so let me go ahead and do the lock real quick all i have to do is hit increase allowance and i have a message on my smartphone to confirm that so i’ll go ahead and hit the confirm button and i do have one More confirm option so i’ll go ahead and hit that so basically guys what it’s doing is it’s locking your tokens right that you have for 10 set and you guys will get your tokens back after the one year in my case i’m extending it for one Year so if you guys are completely new so right here is the news article on the 10 set press release new 10 set gem watch platform subscription you have to lock 5 000 of the 10 set tokens and this will allow you guys to participate on the cryptocurrency pre-sale for satoshi Island and also future gem launches and also incubator token launches for the gem launch platform for one year and you guys will get your tokens back after one year so as you guys can imagine it’s almost kind of like staking on a cryptocurrency platform that allows you Guys to participate on launches.

How to Participate in the Pre-sale

So new subscribers will be able to lock 5000 tokens for one year in return for 365 days access to the 10-step gen launch platform and any launches that take place during that time and only 500 spots are available first come first Serve and it’s going to open for a maximum of six days if it’s not filled out right away and the pre-sale for satoshi island is going to be on april the 8th so you guys will be able to participate on this so here we talk about 5000 tokens and this is going to Be officially launching on august the 1st at 10 a.m utc time so if you guys are completely new you guys have to get your 5000 tokens ahead of time before august the 1st 10 am utc time so that way you guys can do this all you have to Do is click on this link and when you guys click on the link all you have to do is connect your wallet your metamask or your trust wallet that has the 5 000 of the 10 set tokens and then you guys will be able to lock for one year in my Case i already have a wallet that i’ve been participating on this for a while now and i just extended it right here and i have four thousand of my ten set tokens locked and it’s like until september the 15th 2023 and i’ll get my tokens back and then at that time i Could decide what i want to do with it but if you guys have any questions join the telegram group for 10 set and then you guys can ask the admins they have a admin team that’s available around the clock to help you guys out i’m also in The telegram channel so i can answer questions too when i do have some time and 5 000 of the 10 set tokens is not cheap guys it’s like a little bit over 17k so as you see definitely a major investment for lock your tokens for one year but the rewards have been extremely High because it simply is the best launch platform ever because if you guys had locked your tokens like a year ago you have been able to participate on conga exchange met a hero ever dome and enjoy some of the all-time highs and from my experience being a member of the 10 set of gen launch platform for a year or so i definitely can say the results have been phenomenal definitely one of the most rewarding passive income generating platforms that i’ve seen in a long time so hope you guys enjoyed this video on satoshi…

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