Unlock the Secret to MAXIMISING Gains in Fitness: The 70/30 Rule

The content is about the 70/30 fitness rule, which means 70% of eating the right diet and 30% physical exercise is necessary to achieve an alpha body. The author tried this rule and reduced bad eating habits, increased protein intake, reduced snacking, reduced cardio and tried new habits for 30 days. Keeping a food diary and sharing fitness goals with someone helped them discipline themselves, resulting in clear weight loss, more energy, increased focus, and confidence. The author concludes that while diet is essential, exercise is equally important for overall health and psychological well-being.


Hello guys, welcome back to Alpha Show, a channel that will completely change your life from negative to positive and make you the person you always wanted to be. After this video, you will know all about my experience with the 70/30 fitness rule.

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The 70/30 Rule

Several people, including you, seem to believe that if you stick to a 70 diet and 30 training, only then will you achieve your dream alpha body. I won’t lie, after trying it out myself, I’ve concluded that the 70/30 rule is indeed true. For the uninitiated, the 70/30 rule basically stands for 70% eating the right diet and 30% physical exercise. It is a diet and exercise regime for losing weight. I’m absolutely convinced of this simply by personal experiences, and in this video, I’ll discuss the changes that I have noticed.

What I Did

Before I go into that, here is what I did while undergoing the 70/30 rule:

  1. I stopped one bad food and drink every day. I understood that it doesn’t take much time to eat hundreds of calories and hours to get rid of them, so I stopped my vices gradually each day rather than all at once.
  2. I ate more protein in the morning. Protein is important for the body; in fact, it keeps the stomach fuller for longer. So, I ensured to eat the most at breakfast. Yogurt, avocado, and poached eggs are part of what I had.
  3. I reduced my snacking. A study has shown that snacking between meals can add more weight. With that in mind, I tried having balanced meals with grains, proteins, and vegetables. And when I couldn’t resist the urge to snack in the afternoon, I went for whole foods like apples.
  4. I reduced cardio. I noticed that overdoing cardio isn’t necessary. Too long cardio workouts started a stress response for me, and I know that it won’t help in my fitness goal. So, what did I do? I opted for 30 minutes of exercise a day with a combination of cardio and resistance training like walking and a few pilates.
  5. I kept a food diary. Since I knew I’ll be sharing my journey with you guys, I kept track of my progress with a food diary. I kept a record of each food I ate and the findings of the studies that I researched. Several of my 70/30 decisions were backed by science and research. Also, I made sure to keep tabs on experts in diet and fitness. I recommend that you also go out and read up on trusted materials on how you can get the best out of your 70/30 rule challenge considering your own body.
  6. I tried new habits. They say it takes around one to four weeks for habits to change. I didn’t make any restriction with my old habits but changed them to healthy ones. Yours could be anything, but I chose to take cold showers for 30 days. You can check that out on this channel.
  7. I shared my fitness goals with someone. I realized that having someone to share my fitness goals with made achieving them easier. Since I knew I’d be telling the person how far I’ve gone with the whole 70/30 rule, I was motivated to push on and not stop even when I almost quit. It made me discipline myself.

The Results

I experienced clear results, but at first, it was exhausting. However, over time, my energy and focus increased while my stomach got leaner, and my face got less slim. The 70/30 rule taught me that exercise equals weight loss. Since exercise makes just 30% of weight loss, it’s time to take action.

Small Steps

If you are not used to working out or it’s been a long while since you set foot in the gym, the aim is to take small steps. After all, having a healthy weight is about the journey, not the final stop. Regardless of how huge your fitness goal is, believe that nothing is impossible. Reaching that goal is just about taking the first steps, with each one leading to the other. So, focus on your workout for the day, not how long it will take you to reach your target weight.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, eat right, exercise, and be kind to your body. It will be handsomely rewarding. In conclusion, the 70/30 rule made me happier, more proud of myself, and more confident because I saw the results of my efforts. But since the 70/30 rule emphasizes more diet, does that mean that there’s no need to exercise? Then I will say that it depends on your fitness goal. A good diet makes you healthy, but exercise will make you firm and strong. Exercise makes us feel more energized, gives us more confidence, boosts our psychological well-being, and assists in our overall well-being and looks. In fact, when I felt stronger and more mobile, it became difficult for me to stop exercising. Do you think the 70/30 rule is overrated?

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