Unlock GameFi’s Liquidity Woes with TEADAO’s 🍡 Revolutionary Financial Service NFT Bond 🍡

TDAO is an ecosystem focused on creating convenience and visibility for gamers in the metaverse. One of the main features is the upcoming release of NFT bonding in Q3 2022. TDAO aims to address issues related to NFT liquidity, barriers to entry, and engagement in game 5.0 and DeFi. TDAO offers various products, such as Sentry, which provides an overview of the market and tracks projects and gamers, and the Contribute to Earn platform, which rewards users for adding knowledge to the Sentry community. TDAO’s vision is to create a self-sustaining game 5.0 metaverse ecosystem.

Introducing tDAO

An ecosystem that aims to create convenience and visibility for gamers, tDAO is making waves with its upcoming NFT bonding asset. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at tDAO’s mission, highlighting two of its key products: Sentry and Contribute to Earn.

Understanding tDAO

First things first, it’s essential to do your research before investing in any project. For those interested in tDAO, the platform aims to be a metaverse reserve currency protocol, enabling Gamify 2.0 by solving the lack of NFT liquidity. By bonding NFTs, gamers can unlock a stable economy and earn a scalable reserve currency protocol. The main goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for gamers, enabling them to have long-lasting engagement with their favorite games.

The Benefits of NFT Bonding Asset

As tDAO’s NFT bonding asset is set to release in Q3 2022, gamers can benefit from the platform’s various features. NFT Liquidity and barriers to entry will no longer be a pain point for new players while gamers can exchange NFTs to get t, a growing reserve token, whose price increases over time with better capital efficiency and sustainability liquidity through protocol-owned liquidity.

TDAO’s Key Products

Two of tDAO’s key products are Sentry and Contribute to Earn. Sentry offers a comprehensive dashboard that shows a market overview, including different time frames for gamers to see the market cap, daily volume, and active projects. Gamers can learn more about a specific token’s stats, minimum initial investment, unique players, and social rank, engagement, and contributor metrics. Contribute to Earn is a platform that encourages gamers to contribute their knowledge to the Sentry community and earn crypto awards.


TDAO aims to create a convenient and visible ecosystem for gamers, enhancing their gaming experience while enabling them to earn from it. With interesting features such as NFT bonding, gamers can benefit from tDAO’s sustainable and scalable reserve currency protocol, amplifying their chances of long-lasting engagement. Moreover, Sentry and Contribute to Earn offer valuable insights into the gaming market and encourage gamers to learn and earn from their passion.


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